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Overcoming Stress and Pressure (1)

Proven Strategies That Help You Feel Better and Live Longer

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Welcome everyone!

I’m Dr. Larry Iverson. Our topic today is “Overcoming Stress and Pressure – For a happier, healthier, more robust life!”.

We’re going to talk about some of the causes of stress, what brings it up in our lives, what “eggs it on”, in effect, and drives it forward. We’re going to talk about the effects of stress, both good and bad, because not all stress is bad. You need some to get you moving, to do things, to be motivated. We’re going to talk about some of the things you can do to overcome the negative ones and enhance the positive ones. Thirdly, we’re going to talk about things you can do about it, what are some of the simple strategies you can take to make a difference in your life.

You can really live your life haphazardly, or you can live it on purpose, and it’s a choice. With stress it is also a choice. No matter what your situation, whether it changes or not, there’s things you can do about it, so let’s talk about some choices. Read more »

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Energize Your Life – Use Your Brain For A Change (Part 8)

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(…continued from last week)

More Attitudes & Emotions of Power

President Thomas Jefferson said, “Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal. Nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.” Confidence and determination are attitudes of a winner. If you look at the greatest, most successful people in the world, you will find confidence and determination are underpinnings of much of what they do.

The fifth attitude of proactiveness is flexibility. Remember we talked about those action signals; fear, frustration, overwhelmed, disappointment, guilt, sadness, et cetera. Flexibility. Those signals say that a change is needed. That’s what they’re telling you. They’re signaling ‘I need to do something different’.

There are many ways up any mountain. I don’t care which mountain it is, there are lots of ways. Some are better, some are worse, some are easier, some are harder. But to get to where you need to go you have to be flexible. You need to be willing to change. You have to be able to do what you can do and if you run into a barrier say, “Hmm, what’s another way? Well I’ll try that.”

One trait of people who excel, who achieve highly, is that when they run into a barrier instead of going, “Oh no, a barrier. Gee what I’m I gonna do?” they go, “Hmm, how can I get around, over, under, through this sucker.” And then they do it. They try it again and if it blocks them again they go again. They just keep at it until they have either achieved what they want or it is absolutely proven beyond a shadow of a doubt there’s got to be something different to do. Read more »

Energize Your Life – Use Your Brain For A Change (Part 7)

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(…continued from last week)

Attitudes & Emotions of Power

Once you begin receiving the signals of change, or that a new direction is needed, when you’re paying attention finally, there are attitudes of power that will energize your life and bring vitality into everything you see and do. These powerful attitudes and emotions allow you to use those signals you are receiving, so you can move forward into a more energized, vivacious, fruitful life.

One of the very first energizing principles is an attitude of gratitude. Live with an attitude of gratitude. Could you have more? Could you do better in your life, your finances, your hobbies? You need to appreciate what you have.

What’s a major culture shock for most of us is go to some third world countries where they don’t have opulence like we do in the Western World. It’s a real eye opener. In many cases it makes you feel very grateful for all that you have.

Couldn’t you stand more? Of course, but gratitude is an aspect of love and thankfulness that are blended together. Gratitude is saying, “I’ve got stuff, I’ve got good things, I’ve got me, I’ve got health, I’ve got air, I’ve got what I need.” More? Sure more is fine but that isn’t necessarily something that you have to have.

Cultivate this attitude of gratitude and your life will begin to grow and expand because this gratitude principle is part of the ultimate law of success. To succeed you have to be grateful for what you have. If you do not feel grateful for what you have the universe will, in many cases, take away from you that which you do have. You have to be willing to enjoy it and to appreciate those things or you tend to lose them. Read more »

Energize Your Life – Use Your Brain For A Change (Part 6)

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(…continued from last week)

More Signals for Change

A third signal to watch out for is feeling hurt, feeling disappointed, feeling lonely or sad. All of these – hurt, disappointment, loneliness and sadness – all have to do with a feeling of loss. Something you expected to go a certain way did not and you feel a loss; a sense of sadness. A friend you’d hoped to spend some time with had something come up and had to cancel the time you were going to spend together. A toy or a vacation you hoped to have fell apart because of lack of money or because of things. It’s disappointing, it’s sad.

To move beyond the hurt, disappointment, loneliness or sadness you have to pick a new direction. You set a new goal. You don’t keep focusing on what’s not working. Winston Churchill once said, “No success is final nor is failure fatal.”

I suppose there are failures that could be fatal but 99% of the failures in life are not going to kill us, they’re just disappointing. So quit focusing on that. Quit focusing on the things you can’t do anything about, pick a new direction and take action.

You have to keep on moving and pick a new direction with passion. That is how you move out of hurt, disappointment, loneliness or sadness. Because all of those feelings of loss begin to diminish when you refocus on something you can do something about.

A fourth signal that things in your life need to change is guilt. Guilt means you need to change your direction again. I once had a professor when I was in graduate school say, “embarrassment is shame before another person, guilt is shame before yourself.” Read more »

Energize Your Life – Use Your Brain For A Change (Part 5)

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(…continued from last week)

Signals for Change

In order to better manage your brain and energize your life, I’m going to give you some action signals that tell you when it’s time to do something.

How do you know when it’s time? If you go to a doctor because you’re not feeling well what do they do? They look at the symptoms. Are you flushed? Do you have a fever? Is there pain somewhere in your body? Are there any abscesses or openings or cuts or wounds? What’s going on within you? Do you feel lethargic? Do you have energy? Do you not have energy? And so on. They look over you and they take all those symptoms that they can elicit and they diagnose.

Or if you take your car to a mechanic because you have a flat tire, they don’t first check your radiator to make sure it has water, see if the battery has water in it, go and make sure that the belts are tight on the alternator and so on. You’ve got a flat tire, they look, they diagnose the symptom of why it can’t go down the road because it has a flat tire and they fix it.

So I am going to give you some action signals that will tell you it’s time to do something; things to be aware of. In my mind one of the first, and a major symptom, or a major signal, is fear.

Fear can go from being slightly concerned about something to absolutely terrified. Fear is really just a signal to pay attention. Some fears are red stop lights, most of the time it’s not. Most of the time fear is a yellow caution light. It means pay attention, something’s going on that’s knocked you out of your comfort zone. Read more »

Energize Your Life – Use Your Brain For A Change (Part 4)

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(…continued from last week)

Your Reference Reality

Your beliefs have the power to create and the power to destroy. Dr. Henry Beecher of Harvard Medical School proved that the brain has the ability to override the effects of drugs. The power of belief is absolutely crucial to healing and health. He spent much of his career studying this and how we can make this come alive and use it to heal ourselves and to have medicine work better.

One experiment that Dr. Beecher did was with 100 student volunteers. He had them take two test drugs. One drug was in a red capsule, the other was in a blue. The students were told the red capsules were a super stimulant. You take these and they’re going to wire you right up. The other drug in the blue capsules, were said to be a tranquilizer that would rapidly take you out.

Actually the truth of it was that they were reversed. The red capsule actually was a barbiturate and the blue capsule had amphetamine in it. But the interesting thing that Dr. Beecher noted was that the students reacted as they thought these things were supposed to be, not as they actually were.

In other words, the red capsule which they had been told was a stimulant, was actually a barbiturate. They felt hyper, they felt up, their hearts rates increased, their body sensations got bigger and their brain waves got more excited. Read more »

Energize Your Life – Use Your Brain For A Change (Part 3)

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(…continued from last week)

Evaluate Your Beliefs

It’s not what occurs around us that makes us who we are, it’s what that experience means to us. It’s the pain or the pleasure. You can have two children, same class, about the same grades, same level of intelligence, doing the same thing. They’re both working hard at their homework and they’re having a tough time.

One says, “I give up, it’s just too hard.” They feel dispirited, down, they quit. The other who’s struggling says, “Well, I’m making a little progress and I’m learning more so this is great. It’s going pretty well I think.”

Or what about two people who want to learn to play the piano. Going through the basics, working on learning what you’re doing, you learn your chords, you learn the progressions, you learn all those things.

But one of them, because it’s too much work, gives up. They quit, they drop out, they don’t go any longer. The other diligently sticks with it, takes the little steps, the little strides, and over years of practice becomes an excellent musician.

See it’s not the piano, it’s not the homework; it’s the way that those individuals interpret the work on the piano or the homework. And the pain or pleasure that they receive from it that either helps them move forward or blocks them. The meaning they associate to their study or the piano practice is what makes the difference. Read more »