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Nonverbal Communication Power

In 1971 Dr. Albert Mehrabian at UCLA published his book “Silent Messages”. In it he said that communication is 55% visual, 38% tonal, and only 7% the words we say.

Since his book was released there has been massive scientific research documenting his findings. This same research also supports the general observations made by Jean-Jacques Rousseau, 300 years prior. Read more »

Use Your Imagination for Greater Achievement

Compare the normal adult imagination to that of a child. It’s the difference between a 5 watt light bulb and a 1,000,000 watt search light.

You wouldn’t want to live your life in the fantasy world that most children reside in, but your imagination is crucial. Read more »

Take Focused Action

Have you ever wished for something to happen? You really wanted it, but took no action to make it become real? Haven’t we all….

While in New York attending the “white coat” ceremony for my son Nick, who was beginning medical school at Einstein School of Medicine, I had a great conversation with one of the professors—Dr. Todd Olson.

He talked about the ability to really make a positive impact. He said he and his associates could see when they were hitting the mark in their teaching.

Dr. Olson said, “I think I have one of the best jobs in the world! I get to teach young men and women who are absolutely passionate about their future.

They have had to work very hard to get in to medical school or they never would have made it. They are excited about learning, and are proactively working to make a difference in their world.”

Dr. Olson hit on a crucial aspect of all success—having passion and doing something with it.

Passion is the gas that fuels the vehicle. But just having fuel is really worth very little, if you don’t start the car, put it in gear, step on the gas while you steer it toward your goal.

Katharine Hepburn said, “As one goes through life, one learns that if you don’t paddle your own canoe, you don’t move.”

Those passionate students paddle their canoes like their future depends on it, because it does. Just as with them, you’d better paddle your canoe or you won’t move. And, even if you are at a point in your life where you are drifting a bit, you’d better actively steer or you may end up on the rocks.

PS. There’s an attitude of winning that supports feeling on top of the world and sets you up for high achievement. Here’s something that can help you take your life to the next level. .

Make A Positive Impact

How many times have you told yourself, “When I have ________ (money, time, better health, etc.) then I’ll be able to _________ (change the world, etc., etc., etc.)”

Or you’ve convinced yourself that, “When they finally do ______ (quit picking on me, make me a manager, etc.), then I can ________ (be happy, whatever.)”

There may even be a bit of truth to those statements—but that’s not all that you are. That’s not all you can do. No matter what circumstance you are in right now Read more »

The Perfect Time To Start

Have you ever heard someone describe another persons’ success as “luck”? “They are just so lucky. Things always seem to work out for them.”

Thomas Jefferson said, “The harder I work, the luckier I get.”

Got big dreams? Have something you’d really like to do that could help your family, community, church, company, or world? Begin where you are. Read more »

Take Care of Yourself–Managing Negatives

Do you ever feel bored? Do you get down, sad, depressed? Do you yearn for company when others are not around? Though all of these are normal, your “company” part of your brain may need a bit of work.

One evening while socializing with a buddy (I’ll call him Despondent Duffy), we were discussing relationships. He made a comment that I thought over in more detail later.

He said, “I can’t stand to be alone. I need to have people around me all the time or I’m bored or lonely.” Read more »

How to Achieve Your Potential

How many times have you said the word “can’t” in your life?

In actuality the more appropriate word would be “won’t”. It’s not that you can’t, it’s not that you aren’t able, it’s that you are choosing not to do ____________ (wash your car, write the paper, learn something new, confront a troublesome person in your life, etc.)

This great poem by Edgar A. Guest makes the point well. Enjoy and learn! Read more »

Beginning Again–Now!

He dropped out of school at age 13 to go to work and help his mom make ends meet. At 16 he ran away from home because his new step-father beat him. He then falsified papers that allowed him to join the Army, and he served 4 years stationed in Cuba.

After the Army, he was a steamboat pilot, insurance salesman, cook railroad fireman, gas station attendant and farmer. Read more »

Success is the Result of Change

For just a moment think about an incredible pro athlete like LeBron James. Can he only dribble a basketball with one hand? Can he only shoot one type of shot? Can he only receive passes that come to him from his right or left side?

To be maximally effective LeBron has to be able to vary his style of play moment to moment, depending on the person or situation he’s in. He needs to be able to change with the circumstance, and ongoingly read the ever changing situation surrounding him. This is just as necessary for you as well.

Charles Darwin said, “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”

You need to be able to adapt to change. It’s crucial to maintain emotional balance as you go through change. In that process you’ll experience an increase in your level of frustration, worry and anxiety (which are all core reactions to those changes you’re experiencing.) Each of these reactions can be emotionally draining, and can ultimately have a significant negative impact on your mental and physical health as well.

Think about this–in the industrialized nations, hypertension is a huge problem. It’s known as the “silent killer.” In the United States alone, hypertension is directly or indirectly related to over 1,250,000 deaths per year.

Most hypertension related illnesses can be directly attributed to stress, which is due to frustration, worry and anxiety. If you don’t deal with those and your stress grows too high, you are jeopardizing your very life. Change can knock the props out from under what is a good life. Don’t be caught unaware.

You have amazing capabilities. You are unique and can do wonderful things. You have the potential to experience richness in every moment. You can do things in a way no one else can. Don’t allow the changes that occur to knock you off center. Like LeBron, when one avenue to the basket closes, spin around the obstacle and keep on driving!

PS. How would you like to learn one of the most powerful methods ever developed for tapping into the power of your mind? Begin applying the power of your mind today. >>> Go there and you can also pick up a free copy of my digital book and audio program “Energize Your Life”. Go get yours now.

Neuro-Science for Achievement

During my internship for my Masters in Psychology, the therapist I interned under had me study in great detail the field of Transactional Analysis (TA) developed by Dr. Eric Berne.

From the Transactional Analysis point of view, there are three components to living consciously. They are Awareness—Choice—Control. Read more »