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Applied Enthusiasm — Building a Great Life

Every single day is an adventure–sometimes scary, sometimes outrageously fun, but always unique.

Be enthusiastic about each day. What do you get to do today that you’ve never done before? Nothing you say? It’s just the same old, same old? Not so fast my friend.

This is a new day. It can be whatever you choose to make it. Even if you’ve done the same task for years, there are new aspects of it. Look for the uniqueness within this moment.

Each day is filled with possibilities. You can make the most of the opportunities that come your way by having a proactive attitude about them. Be enthused about the possible newness.

When we are challenged to move out of our comfort zone it’s a bit of a stretch. But when you confront the discomfort, it begins to fade away from the action you are taking. Focus on the good, on the potential of each moment. Step up to the plate and swing for a homerun.

When you have enthusiasm it energizes your mind and life. Each activity is more fun. If they don’t all go precisely as planned, that’s reality. Not everything runs like clockwork.

That does not mean get discouraged–it means learn! If your plan doesn’t work, pick a new direction and take off again.

Vitality and excitement come from your mental focus. Focus on what you want. See your goals as achieved. Feel the success you will have from accomplishment and you begin to be more passionate.

Step into your power. Mental focus and enthusiasm are a dynamic pair. You can achieve any goal by aligning that goal with your passion. Go for it!

Best of Success, Dr. Larry

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