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(…continued from last week)

Attitude Is Crucial

Quantum leaps are the process of you using yourself, your world, the people who you know, the associates you have, differently. It’s allowing new possibilities that exist already, to materialize. Your willingness to take the leap is the big deal. You are the one that sets it up to happen. You don’t have to achieve your dreams, your full potential, in one split second. But sometimes, those dreams you held, that vision you have, can happen easier and faster.

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You have to take advantage of support systems you can’t see and ones you can see. In a sense, making that leap is like playing a sport: You have to be the one to step up and do your absolute best on the team of baseball, football, whatever it is you’re playing. Yet you’re part of the team, and the whole team is there to support you succeeding in whatever it is you’re doing. You are not the whole team; but you can make the difference in how the game is played. You step up, you do your best, and that helps push this quantum leap forward so the performance gets incrementally better, faster.

These unseen forces—encouragements, supports, energy you get from the people around you—can assist you in being your best. It doesn’t have to be something tangible. It isn’t like someone has done something for you. These people in your background can help you step up into being the best you can be. These unseen forces—whether they are your own gut instincts or someone’s attitudes, or encouragements you get from other people, or maybe even someone who gives you a piece of advice or they show you a way to do a process—all these unseen forces can come to bear when you really have the vision and know where you want to go.

A creative solution to any problem can come to you through a dream, through imagery, through thinking about it, through creative writing, through brainstorming with another person. There are many, many different ways. These breakthroughs come in lots of different fashions.

Image Helps Build Reality

Paint a picture in your head of the outcome you desire to achieve. Hold it clearly, distinctly in your mind. Feel it in your gut. Have the passion and excitement for it. And as you do that, you bring to bear all kinds of things. And people, as they see you doing this, will begin helping you step up.

Quantum leaps come when you plug into these remarkable resources that are around you. It is a power that is inside of you and all around you, and you allow yourself and the people around you to work together to achieve it. Yes, you may have to do the majority of the work. But there are resources here that you can tap into, that you can focus on, that you can bring to bear in the situation you are in.

Oftentimes the biggest obstacle to overcoming the odds is you don’t challenge them. You have to. You need to bump into them and go ahead anyway. You have to choose what the risks are you are going to take. You have to be the one to step up and say ‘here is what I am going to do’.

Going for this leap, this big step seems risky. Well to some degree it probably is. But risk is part of everything. Without some risk, you can’t have a relationship with another person. Without some risk, you can’t move into a new job. Without some risk, you can’t buy a new property or a new house or move into a new place to live. Without some risk, nothing happens. It may feel chancy when you go to do this new thing, to make something new happen. And it is, to a degree. Yet without that risk, nothing new occurs.

Ask yourself what you’re risking if you don’t go for what you want in your life? The risk is, you’re not going to get what you ultimately want.

There is risk. You’ve got to accept it and you’ve got to go for it. You have to understand that you can never fully escape without some risk. It’s not always something you can decide to live with or without. It just comes and is part of the territory.

Whether you choose to go for it, whether you choose to follow the routine, you are putting something on the line. Whether it’s the status quo or something new, you’re putting something on the line. So choose carefully. Don’t kid yourself that playing it safe means you’re giving yourself the best odds. You’re not.

(to be continued…)

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