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Attaining Your Desired Goal

There are times to just chill-out.

Time Magazine research showed that after eight hours of sleep you are more than twice as likely to find a solution to a problem you’re struggling with.

When you relax the turmoil, your creative subconscious can more easily come up with answers. When your conscious deliberations get out of the way, your deeper mind can generate options.

If you feel like you are on a treadmill, and it never slows down, you’re in an unhealthy place. You may be blocking yourself by this never ending turmoil.

There are countless ways to overcome this inner struggle. One of the best it research. There are thousands of books, audio and video programs on every subject. Learn from the experts. Don’t waste your time starting from scratch.

When you begin using others’ strategies, you can adapt them to your own unique situation. Find your way to apply the concept you’ve learned. Allow your subconscious to feed you strategies, and you will feel better and become more productive.

–You don’t have to reinvent-the-wheel—use the knowledge of experts

–Chill. Give yourself a break and your brain power increases

–Make progress daily—no matter how small the step is

–Keep track of what you do—take notes and record what worked and what did not

–Keep your desired goal in sight and next steps to move you ever closer