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Beginning Again–Now!

He dropped out of school at age 13 to go to work and help his mom make ends meet. At 16 he ran away from home because his new step-father beat him. He then falsified papers that allowed him to join the Army, and he served 4 years stationed in Cuba.

After the Army, he was a steamboat pilot, insurance salesman, cook railroad fireman, gas station attendant and farmer.

He got his own little gas station, and was doing quite well. He cooked fried chicken in his little attached living quarters, and sold it to his customers. He was actually making more money with chicken than with pumping gas. So he focused on that and bought a small motel with a restaurant attached.

At age 40 things were going well. He had an honorary title “Kentucky Colonel” given to him by the governor Roby Laffoon. And 15 years later he was officially “commissioned” Colonel by then governor Lawrence Wetherby.

Colonel Harland Sanders had developed a secret recipe for chicken. He had literally sold tons of it through his gas station and then his restaurant. There was a problem though. In his early 60’s Interstate 75 cut off the flow of traffic that came on the highway past his location. By 65, he had lost his business.

He decided it was time to re-invent himself. He grew his mustache and goatee and wore only white suits with a string tie whenever in public. Taking his $105 Social Security Check, he hit the road with his secret recipe.

He drove all around the US cooking up batches of chicken for restaurant owners and others interested in his chicken, and was turned down 1099 times before he sold his first franchise. And so began the legacy of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Do you believe in you? Do you believe in your dreams? Would you be willing to start over from literally nothing at 65 and work as hard as the Colonel did?

You deserve success. But you have to take action. Step-up and go for it. You just might fulfill a dream that’s not only good for you but has a positive impact on others as well.

The Best of Success to You, Dr. Larry

PS. What if there was something you could do that would help you take the next big step in your life, just like Col. Sanders did? Well, here’s the Champions Strategy for developing unstoppability in your life. This will give you strategies for personal fulfillment and professional achievement.