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(…continued from last week)

A Signal to Wake Up

There was a good friend who had an epiphany a couple of years ago. He had been a loyal company man and the company was sold. When that happened, many were laid off–including him.

He had to find more work. When he went to a new job, again he settled in, found it was really a great job and all was going well, but the company was sold and he again got laid off. This really shook him, he didn’t know exactly what to do and he was having a hard time finding another position. But when he did, he went into the new situation and an epiphany dawned on him.

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He said, ‘I’m here to do a job. One of the key components of doing my job is to keep my boss happy.’

He said, ‘Even if I’m doing absolutely great work but my boss is not happy and doesn’t like what I’m doing, I have a problem. On the other hand, if I do even good work, not great but just good work and my boss is happy, then things are working well for me and for him.’

So he realized his real job was keeping his boss happy.

This doesn’t mean you should do lousy work. You need to make certain that those people who have effect on your life are also in tune with you and working and moving in the same direction and are ok with the way things are working.

Getting In Tune

This experiential life learning process is about getting better and better in all situations and learning what you can.

As we get older, there are a few questions we need to ask. These have to do with the level of personal satisfaction you experience in most situations. Whether in our professional or in our personal lives, these questions pertain.

The first question is “How much did you love?” How much did you connect with other human beings? How rich was your emotional experience through your life?

The second, “What did you learn along the way?” And did you learn it well enough that you could share it with other people? What did you gain? What are some of the good things that you learned to do and experiences you had that helped shape you as an individual? What did you learn?

And the third is “As a result of your having lived, how is the world a better place?” What did you add to the planet? What have you done to assist the people whose paths you’ve crossed, the family members, the friends? As a result of you being here what has happened in the world that would never have happened had you not been here and is the world a better place because you have lived?

We all need to think about these. This again is one of those breaking free, wake up moments. What can we do to really begin doing that?

Some Traits of Those Who Add Value

People who really make a difference, people who are adding to the world have a few things that they do. If you observe people who do make an impact or make a contribution whether it’s to their family, to their community, to organizations, to their churches, you will see some of these things happen.

Ongoing Learning

They tend to be lifelong growing people. They tend to continuously be learning and growing personally and professionally. There is usually a tendency for them to have strong and passionate feelings about things that are important to them and to the people that they care about. There is a desire to give more than they have taken from life, they’re always giving and doing and assisting others.

A Vision

There’s really clarity of where they want to go. They have a personal mission, they have goals, they have vision, they know what they want to achieve and they’re moving in that direction. They continuously work at building more in themselves and the people that matter to them.

A Deeper Connection

They have a deep level connection to life and to all that they do. There’s this deep heart felt, soul part of them that makes this connection. You can call it a spiritual component if you want.

Positive Expectancy

They expect positive results. They are optimistic, they believe that there is value and good things out there and they’re going for it.

Personal Integrity & Commitment

They have commitment and loyalty–they have integrity. They tend to experience life as a very rich and expansive process. A key component in this is they are caring, open, honest people who walk their talk.

Every one of us is a learner. Every one of us is growing. Every day to really break free and make the most of this moment and the next we need to be open, honest and learning. We need to be paying attention.

Your life journey personally and professionally is about making a difference in your life and the people’s you experience.

(to be continued…)

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