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Building Great “Customer” Service

Who are your customers? If we use the American Heritage Unabridged Dictionary in my office it’s: “Customer — Anyone with whom you must deal”.

Isn’t that interesting. That means your customer’s are all your family members, friends, clients, bosses, preachers, teachers, the knot-head that swerved in your lane and almost ran you off the road, your spouse, in fact–everyone you interact with.

Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonalds said, “Anything that happens to your customer that affects their perceptions or attitudes about you or your business, is customer relations.”

Have you ever given somebody a dirty look? Have you yelled at another person? Are you ever grumpy toward someone who had nothing to do with why you’re grumpy? Hmm, I wonder if that negative may have an impact on your “customer relations”?

At the grocery store the other day, I saw an elderly woman whose facial expression made her look like she was really angry. She looked like a person you wouldn’t want to cross.

There was a young woman working there who approached this lady with a smile and positive greeting. She helped the older woman and spent just a moment more to chat. The woman began smiling during this positive interaction, and responded very positively to the pleasant young clerk.

This young woman’s positive approach and happy demeanor made the older lady feel better—and it touched me too. I felt good from just observing her kind graciousness. Fifteen minutes later I saw this elderly woman again, and she was still smiling.

Are you a storm cloud or a beam of sunshine? Choose a positive demeanor. Because you can make a positive difference with each “customer” you serve.

Make Everyday A Great Day!

Dr. Larry Iverson

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