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Choose to Focus on the Positive

Look for the good stuff in your life events. Even if there’s a struggle, what’s good about the situations you are in right now? What’s beneficial about them? Choose a positive focus. It’s healthful.

For instance, when people are experiencing depression, anxiety or worry, one of the key things to do is change ones’ mental focus.

A great way to change your focus is write a list of questions you could ask yourself that lift you up. Questions that can give you a mental boost and help you feel better on the spot.

This is a great way to begin your day. When you awaken, you have a list of positive questions beside your bed and spend a minute or two thinking about five or six questions to begin the day. It sets a positive tone.

Here’s an example of questions that could help create this positive state:

  • “What could I do today to learn something new?”
  • “Who is someone I could talk to that I really enjoy discussing things with?”
  • “What’s something funny that happened in the recent past?”
  • “What is something I could do today that I really like doing that would make me laugh?”
  • “Where’s some place I could go that makes me feel good to just be there, just because of the environment?”
  • “Who is a good friend I’m going to see today that I really enjoy seeing?”
  • “Who is someone I could call today that when I talk to them, it gives me a lift?”

Make up a set of your own questions (or use these) to focus your mind in a positive direction.

When you keep your mind focused on the positive and the good things in your life, it gives you that automatic boost. Take the time to do this daily. It can benefit both your mental and physical health.

Best of Success, Dr. Larry Iverson

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