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Comfort Zone Blocks Change

When was the last time you gave something new a shot? Something that was hard and really made you work to learn it? During the process you may have felt really uncomfortable? Know what – that’s good for you.

Few of us like that discomfort. The vast majority will do just about anything in their power to stay within their comfort zone. This isn’t bad but it greatly slows personal development.

Your comfort zone is a protection mechanism that’s existed in human beings since the beginning of the species. They can help you or hinder you.

We resist change for only a few reasons: lack of knowledge or skill, physical or resource restrictions, negative mental projections of a bad outcome, discomfort, or fear.

To break through resistance to change – get curious. When you start to wonder, when you are asking questions, your mind expands and opens to new possibilities. Every discovery began by asking questions. Every question was triggered by curiosity.

To break down the resistance barrier, ask solution focused questions. When you ask a question like, “What’s one thing I can do today to get started on this process?” it leads your mind automatically to the possibility that something can be done!

This doesn’t mean ignore the problem. Just don’t get tangled up in it. Use solution focused questions to start your creative imagination working for you.

Every day when you awaken, you are standing at a fork in the road. One road leading away from that fork is going down the road of doing the same things you’ve always done in the same way you’ve always done them. The other branch is the path of change, the new path.

Both paths are alright. Yet if you don’t want to keep having the same thing you have right now – you must choose the new.

It can be scary, hard, frustrating, disappointing, and/or energizing, exciting, joy filled and eye opening. No matter what occurs, on the new path you’ll experience insight and learning.

Step up and make today a time to ask new solution focused, insight gleaning questions about your work, relationships, creativity, finances, hobbies, and health. Go for it – it’s a great ride!

Best of Success, Larry

One of the most powerful methods for managing your brain ever developed is in Don’t settle for the same old same old. Take steps on a new path.