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It’s been said that old habits die hard, implying that it’s next to impossible to change long standing thought patterns or behaviors. Yet you have changed many long standing habits during your life

Furthermore, the most effective means for eliminating habitual thoughts or habitual patterns is to go to work on the very systems that created it–those long-lasting thinking habits.

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In many cases changing these old patterns is difficult because of a primary issue that is called an excuse. The thoughts of:

“Can I truly make significant changes in the way I live?”

“Is it possible to change those self-defeating thoughts and behavior patterns that have been my constant companions for as long as I can remember?”

“Can I really change or deprogram myself when I’ve never known any other way to think or act?”

Or “I’ve been depressed, or I’ve been stubborn, or overweight, or scared, or clumsy, or unlucky, or poor, or ______________________ my whole life. Can I really change these things?”

The answer is absolutely!

There are ways you can break through those old excuses that get in your way. Your beliefs and thought patterns you’ve adopted as your self-image–you can change those. You can begin making a different beginning today.

Your Old Habitual Patterns

Have you ever wanted to change some aspect of your personality, but there’s a part of you that just insists you can’t do it because of: A) your genetic programing, or B) because of your past behaviors, or C) because of a strong emotion you may be experiencing? There’s that part of you that believes that somehow deep down inside of you in your genes you have shy genes, or unhappy genes, or fat genes, or bad luck genes, or whatever.

Almost everyone at some point in time has said that due to the luck of the draw, here I am, this is who I am, this is what I am, this is what’s going to be my reality. Yes, it’s true that there are things which are genetically predisposed, but for the most part that’s not accurate. There are parts of our biology we can’t change. But there are many elements that we can absolutely have an impact on.

The concept that the mind controls the body is really not up for dispute any longer, it’s highly researched and documented. I’m sure you’ve heard of people who have taken a placebo (those little sugar pills that really do nothing) and it cures a major medical problem. The person’s mind thinks the placebo is actually medicine, and the body cures itself of the malady.

(to be continued…)

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