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(…continued from last week)

Make Your Goals Live

It is our responsibility to step up to and make our reality what we want it to be. No one can stop you from achieving what you desire. Only you can.

You keep focused; you keep moving forward, your reality will be just about as good as you choose to focus on. You keep looking at those things that can make a difference for you.

Embracing Change
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This is a process you can start now. Set a time each and every day to picture one of your goals, something you want to achieve. Even if it’s for 30 seconds or 60 seconds, see it, feel it in your body, talk in that positive enthusiastic way. See that future event as if it’s achieved right now because everything is now. See it now as if you’re there already. See those goals as an already established reality and fact. Picture it now.

This is one of the most vital things that you can do to make your dreams come true.

See It Done

Some psychologists are saying that one hour of picturing something is worth seven hours of physical effort. That’s a pretty tall claim, but it makes a point. Visualization is one of the most powerful success tools in your toolbox. Use it!

You don’t need to spend hours and hours–a couple of minutes, five minutes, ten minutes. Imagine what’s going to happen in your life when you do this. You can create your destiny; it’s up to you to take the time to do this.

Think about some goal you want to achieve. Pick one, personal or professional. Think about it. See it as if it is already done. Notice what it looks like. Feel that good feeling inside of yourself from having that success when you see it done. Talk to yourself powerfully. “Yes, this is my reality!”

As you do this, see that end result, that collage of what you will be achieving from taking these actions.

You don’t even need to know exactly which step is first, you can choose that later. But see some of the things you need to do, people you might have to talk to, phone calls you will make, things you might write, places you will be and go.

See those. Create a collage around this goal of your future you’re bringing into the present.

You Can Do This!

Take a deep breath. Feel what if feels like to be breathing in success, to feel that success.

And notice what action you can take today to begin the movement towards that. It might be something simple. It might be something that might only take you a moment to do, but notice a first step you can take today along the way to that goal.

What is the first step? And what is that step you’re going to take today to make that your new reality? Choose it.

Right now, think about in your day today, when you are going to do this. It doesn’t matter if it’s the next thing you do or if it’s the last thing of your day, or somewhere in between. What are you going to do today to make that step?

There must be something you can do today, even a simple thing, even if it’s writing yourself a note on a post it for tomorrow.

What is that one thing? Even if it’s just writing that post it note, so you get going. What is something you can do today? What is the first step?

See that ultimate thing achieved. Notice how good that feels. Breathe it in. See the steps. Don’t worry about the details yet, they’ll come.

As you picture your new reality, you are moving from out there into now. Set aside time to make it your reality – because it is.

You can have whatever you desire. You may have to do something to get it, but it begins within you.

You are aware. You live in the present. You begin to build your destiny by this very moment right here, right now. See it. Feel it. Make it come alive.

Set those worthwhile goals for you and the people who depend on you. Take care of yourself and build your reality one step at a time.

You can be, you can do, you can achieve whatever you desire. Step up today and begin to make it your new reality.

Get out there and go for it! Dr. Larry Iverson.

(to be continued…)

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