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(…continued from last week)

Your Beliefs

Author James Allen, the author of the book As a Man Thinketh said, “We do not attract that which we want, but that which we are.”

Think about this. Every human being is a set of beliefs, a set of emotions, a set of ideas and concepts, an ongoing work in process. We do that which we are, not which we are becoming, not which we hope for, but that which we are. You will only do that which you believe you can do.

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Most people behave how they were trained to behave. Most people behave, at least in part, in the way they’ve been conditioned to by their growing up years.

If the model for you was when you get upset you scream, yell and jump up and down, as an adult you’ve probably outgrown that behavior. Yet there are probably times when you still scream, yell and jump up and down (or at a minimum feel strongly like you want to.)

If you always over react to frustration, it’s become part of who you are. You’re preconditioned to have that habit, to make that pattern a part of your life. Do you really need to hang on to those old habitual ways of being? The answer is no you don’t.

You Practiced Being You

You have thousands of thoughts as the results of imitation of the people around you. We all do. These are absorbed through contact with individuals in your childhood and your school years environment, when you are most impressionable.

These habitual patterns have built over time. There’s a time when they may have served you, and even served you well–but that day is very likely in the past.

Thinking that you’re always going to be poor, or that you were born unlucky, or you’re just overweight and can’t really do anything about it, or you’re skinny and will never be able to be more than a twig, that you have an addictive personality, that you’ll never find someone to share your life with, that you’re going to have angry outbursts, that you lack musical, artistic, or athletic ability, or that you’re always going to be shy–are just excuses.

When you see these excuses for what they really are you can then begin to eliminate them. On the other hand if you find these thinking patterns to be firmly entrenched within you, and you believe they can’t be challenged, you have a much tougher uphill climb. You will be symbolically stuck running on the never-ending treadmill.

You can change these old habits. You mimicked beliefs and actions that led you to where you are today. It is now time to practice or mimic a new more effective process.

You can do this, it can begin today. Your behaviors are supported by what you think, and the mental patterns you allow to float around in your mind will make or break your life.

A habit implies you’ve made the same (or similar) choice in a similar situation again and again. Over time your thinking patterns and behaviors have become accustomed to being done in very specific way.

If you have ever tried to break a bad habit you probably found it challenging. Yet there are many of you’ve probably moved beyond or overcame, and been able to alter the old unwanted pattern.

Breaking Out Of An Excuse

We need to find a way to weaken the reliance on these excuses. “Well, it’s just my habitual way of being.” Or, “I’ve always been this way.” Or, “I’ve always done that.” That repetition of that pattern (of both your thought and action) keeps you stuck.

(to be continued…)

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