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(…continued from last week)

Limiting Your Excuses

You have to move beyond the excuses. You have to step into taking 100% responsibility for yourself right now. You have to take the position that you have the power to get it right, to get the result, to achieve what you desire. For whatever reason ignorance, lack of awareness, fears, needing to be right, or needing to be safe; you have areas where you have not exercised your power.

Achieving Your Dreams
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Why? It doesn’t matter why. The past is past. All that matters is this moment right now.

The goals you choose, the actions you take, what you’re focused on are a choice. You choose to act, or not act, and that makes you 100% responsible for everything going on around you.

If something doesn’t turn out as planned, it’s not the end of the world. You need to look at it and think, “Why did it go that way? What was I thinking that made me go down that path? What were my beliefs? Are there other actions I could have taken that may have turned out differently? What is something new I can try? How come the other person acted that way in response to what I did? What can I do to give it shot again that might end up with a different result?” These types of thinking patterns will lead you in a whole new direction.

Choose to Stride Through

I was teaching a class in Los Angeles. During it there were many different exercises I had the individuals do, and a number of things I wanted them to think about.

I asked them this question: “What is one of the things that frustrates you the most every day?” It could be at home, could be at work, whatever, something that frustrates you on a regular basis, maybe not every day, but often.

One person in the class said: “My commute into work every day through rush hour is horrible. I’m stuck in traffic, it’s slow, I’m often times late, I get up early, I come in, I’m still stuck, all these people around me, most of them look unhappy, they’re cutting each other off. I hate rush hour. It frustrates me every morning and every evening trying to get back home.”

Another person in the class said: “I used to feel like you did about rush hour. It used to make me just crazy. Now I got myself a nice stereo, I listen to music, I take snack with me so I can have something to eat.” He said “I found that I hadn’t really been paying attention, but on the drive itself – up along the freeway there are lots of Bougainvillea and other flowers growing, there are beautiful palm trees.

I still have to pay attention to traffic, so I don’t rear end somebody, but I just slow down. I look at the view, I listen to my music, I sing with music, I have a little snack, and I know that I will get there just about soon as I get there. Being upset is not going to make any difference.”

It’s the same traffic, almost exactly the same length of commute. One person is frustrated on a daily basis. The other person listens to music, sings, enjoys the beauty around them, has a snack, and gets there in same amount of time. One feeling good, the other feeling like he wants to rip somebody’s head off.

It is a choice, is it not? What are you choosing?

(to be continued…)

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