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(…continued from last week)

Time to Manage You

You really have control over three primary things in your life: what you choose to focus on, thoughts you think, and the actions you take or don’t take. For achieving the goals you desire you must focus and change all three.

You must focus your brain in the direction you want, thinking positive winning thoughts. Change your negative thought to a positive one. Change your focus from what you can’t do to what you can do. Take action, learn, grow, experience, and move your body forward in a direction that helps you achieve a desired result.

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If you didn’t believe that there are possibilities of having something better; better income, more beautiful environmental or home, a more fulfilling job, more recreation, enjoy old hobbies, a relationship with your spouse that is nurturing and fulfilling for both of you. If you didn’t believe these things you would have no reason to complain.

So, inside of your mind there is this image of something better that you know you want. What we have to do is break through the old habitual patterns that hold us back so we can begin creating those things.

To be powerful you need to step up to the position, the attitude, the point of view that you are the creator of where you are right now. You are creating what’s going on or you’re allowing things to come through your experience by being in that position and not doing something to defend it to, to deflect it, to move beyond it.

By create I mean you directly put something in motion by your actions, or your inaction.

If you walked up to a person in a restaurant, that has an attitude problem, they’re being loud and obnoxious, and are looking for a fight, and you start calling them names–they may smack you.

You can say “Yep, I created that. I offended somebody who was bigger than I was, stronger than I was, had a bad attitude and I intentionally got in their face.”

That’s really easy to understand, isn’t it?

Knock It Off

Yet, here’s one that’s tougher.

You go to work, you put in your time, you give it focus, you give it energy, you work late. You come home, you relax a bit, you spend time with your family, you eat your dinner, but you’re still distracted by what you have to do at work. You watch some TV, but you don’t take the time to really play with your kids or hang out with your spouse because you’re too burnout.

This goes on for a long time. They try and talk to you, they try and involve you. Pretty soon those same people are beyond wanting to interact with you. Why? Because they got burned out on your being burned out.

Sometimes our lack of action or lack of taking back control gets in our way. We need to find a way to do that because we create our reality. Every day is just about as good or bad as we get focused on and choose to make it.

No matter how much work you have to do, no matter how tough it is, no matter the outcome, you feel good or you feel bad depending upon what you give a the majority of your focus to.

Your destiny, in effect, is created by your choice of focus, your thinking patterns, your actions or inactions. Choose to make today a much better day.

(to be continued…)

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