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(…continued from last week)

Awareness & Now

Breaking old habit patterns and moving into a new day requires noticing that you’re creating impediments, or you’re creating barriers around you. In many cases, these become excuses or limitations. We have to become conscious, we have to become aware of what we’re doing.

Much of life is run on autopilot. You get up in the morning; you do the exact same routine. You go to the bathroom, you brush your teeth, you get dressed, you put your coffee on, whatever. You have these habits. You do these exact same patterns most of the time. Almost on auto-pilot, sometimes when you’re half asleep.

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We have to move beyond that. We have to find a way – even if for example, you’re averse to taking a risk and generally choose the easy or the safe path, you have to break through that mental barrier. This doesn’t mean you have to start doing silly or risky behaviors, but you have to find a way to do new things, to give new things a shot, to experiment.

When it’s time to try something new, or take a step in that direction, without automatically letting that old program of “I’m going to fail” pop-up. You instead start to insert into that spot in your mind: might this work? Sure, why not. Never tried it before, I can give it a shot, might be something I can do.

You don’t run the same old excuse. The same old, risk avoidance pattern. It’s an exercise that you begin to experiment with. You practice it.

Open Up Awareness

Simply being aware, being conscious of your excuses begins to open you up to vast possibilities. You begin this process by paying attention to the part of you that believes those limitations.

The part that believes I can’t lose weight. Believes I’m slow. Believes I can’t play music. Believes I’m never going to have a fulfilling job. Believes I don’t know what to do to make my relationship better.

Those old beliefs are limitations that hold you back. Simply by observing the thoughts, checking out the beliefs, seeing what’s getting in your way, you can make a difference.

Yet you don’t have to change everything, or fix every thought or every feeling. By becoming aware of this, though it gives you options, you have new opportunities.

When you notice the chatter of your mind and you begin to discover the ability to overcome those long established habit patterns. You’ll begin to see that you have blinded yourself by making excuses, by following the same old rituals that have gotten in your way.

It’s well documented that awareness, catching those thoughts by choosing to focus our mind in a certain way, creates a whole different reality. Awareness can begin to interrupt old, lifelong patterns, and break through any old, long running thinking habits.

Focus Changes Reality

An example of how awareness can alter old, long running thinking patterns was shown in a Harvard study that was published in February 2007 in Psychological Science.

They interviewed 84 women who were housekeeping room attendants working in seven different hotels. They began to teach some of them different thoughts about exercise, fitness, and being conscious of it. They found that just being conscious of the fact that you’re exercising can lead to better fitness.

They divided these women into two groups. One group learned how their movements and work fulfilled recommendations for daily activity that kept them more fit while the other group just went about their work as normal.

Neither group changed their behaviors or the way they did what they did–changed the way they made the bed, or cleaned the room, or vacuumed. The women who were conscious of their activity noticed themselves moving their physiology, and how they walked, and how they breathed.

Those women who were conscious of that began to experience significant drops in their body weight, their blood pressure got better, and their body fat diminished, their waist to hip ratio and body mass index improved in four weeks.

The other group, the control group, experienced no difference what so ever.

Despite the fact that they were doing the exact same physical activities, one group experienced huge change, the other one did not. The difference was awareness.

This illustrates how profoundly a person’s attitude, their belief in themselves, their thoughts about their physical wellbeing can make a difference. Being conscious, being aware can help.

(to be continued…)

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