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Negative Self-Talk Eliminator


Controlling Your Mental Stream — Focus on the Positive

You become much more attractive to good stuff, and tend to repel the bad stuff. Your relationships work more effectively, and overall you feel more on top of your game. When in this state, you are planting the seeds of abundance.

People don’t put enough faith into what they are able to accomplish with their self-talk. Self-talk is just what it sounds like; it is the pep talk (or down-talking) that you give yourself in certain situations.

If you tell yourself that you are capable and competent, that you can do those things you need to, that you can figure out how to get from point A to point B, this self-assured inner dialogue lifts you up. You begin to be more resourceful automatically—because you believe in you. This doesn’t mean lying to yourself—just focusing on what you can do.

This positive self-talk shows in your posture and attitude. And, such positivity is like a magnet attracting good opportunities and more successful people that can assist in taking you to greater level of accomplishment.

Consider the Alternative

Think what it’s like to have to be around somebody who is negative all the time? It’s like being in the presence of an “energy vampire”. They just suck all the good stuff and life out of the situation.

Nobody wants to be around somebody who talks down to themselves and others all the time—it gets wearing on the mind and soul first, with the body soon to follow. This type of low energy action is contagious—it spreads to others quickly and without warning.

Here’s a silly question: Would you want to be that person? Absolutely 110% NOT!

Yet if you allow your mind to get caught up in the negative drama, you are heading that way. Self-talk of success, possibility and what you ‘can do’ adds fun and energy to each situation.

This is the type of person that people want to be around. If you radiate this type of vibrant energy, you become more attractive to that quality in others. You will find yourself in more situations where this is the norm. This type of attitude and action is what makes you unstoppable.

Focus Like a Laser

Having success means focusing intentionally on what you can and will do in your life. It’s making conscious decisions and purposefully creating encouraging self-talk in your mind.

The difficulty though, is that for the vast majority, when they feel comfortable in their life or a situation (even if it isn’t wonderful) it’s easier to be lazy and just drift than it is to be proactive and move in a new direction.

Each thought will either energize you to action, or throw up barriers to your success. You are the only one that can choose what thoughts come forth in your mind. Get a handle on it now!

If you want to attract success and happiness be careful of what goes on in your brain. Your thoughts are not as private as you may think. Be choosy concerning the thoughts you dwell on. Consciously cast your thoughts in the direction you would be glad to have seen—they show….

The Best of Success to You!

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