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Creating a Positive Mindset

Here’s a way you can begin building the mindset of a champion. This is a way to actually get your brain to go in the direction of those ultra-high achievers, the champions in every field.

In many cases the human self-image or self concept has nothing to do with reality. It has to do with memories.

What you’ve experienced in your life up to now has built a mental concept of you–some real, some imagined.

Now some parts of your mental concept are very accurate and they show in detail exactly what your strengths, your weaknesses, your limitations are, and it also shows your competencies and your capabilities. But sometimes it has nothing to do with reality.

I want you to realize that anything that you’ve learned can be reevaluated and challenged and changed. Anything that has been challenged can be relearned with new data to replace the old. That’s right. You can take skillsets from the past, rebuild them and make them new and different today.

A negative self-image or self-concept can be removed. You have to overcome the negative while you build and reinforce the positive. Pay attention to your inner feelings. If something is troubling you, it’s a hint that change is needed. You then focus on what you “can do” and begin the process of altering old habit patterns.

Change comes about through awareness of your negative self-images and by challenging the old bad habits and bad attitudes. Once you catch the unwanted attitudes and actions you can begin creating new positive powerful self-images and self concepts that keep you moving towards the goals you want to attain.

It’s a choice. Don’t settle for an unfulfilling life.

Best of Success, Dr. Larry

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