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(4) Don’t Be Distracted By The Details

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The Heart of Motivation
Putting Your Thoughts Into Action (Part 4 of 10)

(…continued from last week)

Stimulating motivation is not an all day process. You don’t have to talk yourself into it. It works quickly when you have this playful, passionate attitude. This strategy is for generating a peak experience.

Motivation is a peak experience. It doesn’t go up, hit a peak, and stay there forever. It goes up, you hit a peak, and while it’s at its peak, you start. You don’t wait for it to start coming down, it hits the peak and you start. You begin your task immediately after building the motivation and momentum to get going.

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Use this right before you want to start. You can even run through the process a couple of times. Remember also, use it if you’re working and get bogged down. You can break the lethargy and get rolling again. Or you can use it to get yourself psyched to start a project the next day. Then, when the time arrives to actually do the job, run the Motivation Strategy again right when you want to start to generate passion for getting started. Most people who use it initially are surprised when they suddenly have the urge to do it now, do it now!

Don’t Sweat The Details — Just Get Going

I frequently hear “You don’t want me to think about the details? That’s not being realistic. I have to think about the details or I’ll never get the job done.” That’s not true. You probably know all the details. If it’s a big job the details will come along but you have to first get started.

Procrastination and hesitation are normal. The way we beat that is to use something like the Motivation Strategy to get ourselves going. Have you ever heard of analysis paralysis? It’s a severe disease, though not terminal. It’s caused by thinking about an activity or project so much that you feel overwhelmed by your thoughts. People with this disease have an extremely tough time getting going on things they want to accomplish. There’s just too much struggle, too much pain associated with the bombarding negative thoughts so they don’t take action.

Often by the time most people are ready to start the details have been thought about in excruciating detail. Yes you do have to attend to the details but the key is get going. That is where the Motivation Strategy comes in.

Enthusiasm Applied

Playwright Harry Earnshaw said, “The streets of the city of failure are paved with alibis, some of which are absolutely perfect!”

Shakespeare said, “It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.”

Henry David Thoreau said, “Live your beliefs and you can turn the world around!”

Dr. Wayne Dyer said, “There’s no scarcity of opportunity to make a living of what you love. There’s only a scarcity of resolve to make it happen!”

Mark Twain said, “Life does not consist mainly or even largely of facts and happenings, it consists mainly of the stream of thought that is forever flowing through one’s head.” What a powerful thought.

For just a moment, think of something you really dislike doing. Perhaps even something you dread or something you have to do but you don’t really like doing. It could be something at home or at work, it doesn’t matter. Just think of something you need to do, should do, ought to do but you really, really don’t like doing.

I’m going to ask you a question now that I already know the answer to. “When you think about the thing that you don’t like doing, what picture comes to mind?”

Are you 1) in the beginning of it? 2) In the middle of it? Or 3) have it completed? The answer is you either see yourself just starting it or stuck in the middle of it, right?

What was your mental image like? When you think about that thing and you feel stuck in doing it, notice how you feel that yucky blah bad feeling from being starting or stuck.

It’s rare that most people when you think about the thing you dread doing or dislike doing a lot have an image of it successfully completed.

Most people see themselves just beginning or plodding along with the project, this drudgery, trying to get it done.

To contrast that disliked image, that bad feeling, I want you again to think about this disliked task and think about it done! It’s completely done. Create an image of it totally finished, over, fully completed. Notice right now how you feel when you think about it done. You feel different right? It feels good.

As you imagine this done most people say they feel like a weight has lifted off their shoulders or they feel happier or they breathe easier. They have a sense of completion. When you see it completed it’s a relief.

(to be continued…)

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