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Eliminate Excuses – They Slow You Down (Part 2)

Today is the day to begin moving into the great future you desire. Bring all the enthusiastic energy you need to the surface of your being and leap into action

Free Yourself

It’s easy to make excuses. Blaming what happened on a situation or another person happens often. Excuses don’t really help, and they make you look weak.

Why would someone make an excuse? Why would a person lie? What would be the reason why someone would blame another person to get out from under their trouble? There is only one reason for any of these—fear…..

If you have no fear, you can own your part in what happened. You don’t have to worry about saving face, making someone else look bad so you won’t look bad, getting in trouble, or getting reprimanded.

Making an excuse might make you look better in that circumstance. Yet the difficulty from making up excuses or blaming is that it often boomerangs back on you.

Take One Step

Don’t make excuses—make progress. When a difficulty arises, do what you can and move on. Explore the difficulty, learn what you can, chart a new course, get on with it. Don’t hide behind excuses.

If someone is distressed because of what happened, you can’t control their emotions. Only they can. Do what you can to assist them in calming and refocusing, then take actions you can that will help you move closer to your desired goal.

A small bit of progress is still progress! Action taken, if all you do is learn what not to do, is still progress. The biggest excuse is far less valuable than the smallest learning or a little progress. So keep moving!

Kick The Excuse Habit

Excuses are useless and block your true progress. Instead of wasting your time and energy on them, focus on what you want and what you can do to move forward. Plan one step—and act.

Today is an opportunity to learn and create. Grab on to this amazing moment and step-up to personal proactiveness.

No one else can make today better for you—only you can. Blow away excuses and stride into a better today. When you make each today great, you move ever closer to a better tomorrow. Go for it!