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(…continued from last week)

Use your Mind Body Connection

Dr. Carl Simonton spent his life assisting cancer patients by teaching them how to use the power of their mind-body connection to beat cancer.

He said the two most detrimental emotions, the ones that get in the way of beating cancer, are anger and worry. He talks about this in some depth in the groundbreaking book he wrote 30+ years ago, Getting Well Again. If you’ve never read it, read it. It applies to all of us.

He talks about cancer; he focuses on that because he’s an oncologist. But the principles apply to heart disease, to staying healthy, to getting through having the cold or flu, it applies to your health overall.

I once heard Dr. Simonton discuss how the fight or flight chemicals that are released when you’re angry or afraid, when you’re worried, anxious, under pressure block the chemicals that heal you and the hormones that support health, longevity and energy. Dr. Simonton went on to say it’s crucial that we give-up worry and anger.

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In his studies with thousands upon thousands of cancer patients he said the thing that makes a difference is those people who are willing to give-up the worry and the anger. You make a choice to either take action or to pass on it. But either way you’ve got to knock off the negative emotions which destroy your health.

Coping With The Negatives

Dr. Simonton talked about a patient of his who had colon cancer. She’d had surgery. She’d had chemotherapy, radiation and the cancer was still there. They couldn’t get rid of it. She was angry at the injustice of her cancer. She was just incensed at the unfairness of why she, a relatively healthy 40-year-old woman, had cancer.

She was worried all the time that she was going to die. She was worried that her husband who was going to leave her, as he had threatened to for years because of their strained relationship. She was worried she was going to lose her job. She was worried about her looks and her children. She was worried about money. She was worried about lots of things. And again, she was angry about the injustice of having cancer.

Dr. Simonton helped her mentally visualize her health. He helped her build these mental models of vitality. He helped her imagine her immune system fighting off the invader and getting rid of the cancer. He had her feel what it was like to feel healthy.

Even though she felt lousy all the time she would remember and feel the feeling of health inside of herself. She did what she could to stay energetic, to keep moving and to think about things that made her feel happy and brought her up.

He assisted her in changing her self-talk so that she got over her anger. She gave up worrying about things that she couldn’t change. And she gave up worrying about things she was doing that might or might not work. Worrying was not going to make it better.

She got to the point that she thought, “You know, if my husband’s going to leave me, he’s going to leave me. So be it. If I lose my job, I’m going to lose it. I’ll find another one. If I die bummer, but I’m going to enjoy the life I have left.”

She totally changed her focus. She changed who she was. She changed her willingness to be healthy. She let go of those two detrimental emotions, anger and worry. She focused on things she enjoyed doing. She had fun.

Living In The Now

With the energy she had she made it a point of being active every day, doing something that enriched her family life, made her kids feel good, she got in touch with friends who she loved and cared about and would laugh with them, she focused on positive choices, on learning new things she could learn. She was proactive in her mental and her physical health.

Do you think this change in focus made a difference? As with thousands of his other patients, Dr. Simonton said without a doubt it did make an impact, just as it has for so many others. In 15 months she was cancer-free and healthier than she had been in years.

The last time Dr. Simonton saw her was 12 years after she had gotten rid of her cancer. And she was still cancer-free, she was happy, she was prosperous, she was doing well, she was proactive, her life was feeling better than it ever had before. She chose life. She chose positivity. She consciously eliminated the negatives and the worry.

She chose the champion’s mindset. She let go of what she couldn’t do anything about. She moved forward and took action in ways that were beneficial to her, to her family, that were helpful and energizing inside of herself. She stepped up, she took action.

Remember the formula for success? She had a vision of where she wanted to go. She made a plan, with Carl Simonton’s help, and she worked that plan day in and day out. She was proactive. And after she took action she’d revise it, she’d change it, she’d do what she could to update her plan and she’d go again. Did it work? Absolutely without a doubt 100% yes.

(to be continued…)

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