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Get Up and Go for It

Your beliefs are the key that unlock the door of opportunity you are standing in front of.

Before anything can happen in reality it must first take place in your mind. There is little that can block you unless you give in to your doubts and fears.

Having the positive belief that wonderful things can happen gives fuel to the process of taking action. Unless there is some initial belief that success is possible, the chance that the needed actions will occur is greatly diminished.

When a vision forms within, at that very moment the possibility of attaining the goal feels real. Passion and positive thinking make the dream come alive—right here, right now, at this very moment.

If you look back at your experiences you’ll see a trail that proves this concept. Those things you gained mastery over, you had a belief that you could do so and your positive belief kept you moving.

On the other hand, there were many things you “tried” to do but didn’t have the same passion driving your vision. I’d guess you are no longer doing them, or only do them occasionally and poorly.

Break through the limitations you’ve given yourself. When you build a vision of possibility that thrills you there is very little that can stop you.

Vow to yourself that today is your day! That today you will go for it! Only you can make today a great day for you. Decide and act—now.

Best of Success, Larry

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