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How Can You Move Yourself Into A Better Tomorrow?

Part 5 of 11 from Mission Success

(continued from last week…)

Direct Your Focus

The way you look at your situation, the way you think about what is happening around you, can move you or stop you. It is not the stuff that makes a difference, it’s what’s going on inside of you pertaining to those externals that can have an effect on you.

We need to think about “How I can move me?” “How I can move myself into a better tomorrow?” Think about those three parts of your system, your talents, what you were born with, what’s going on inside of you, where you are today, the information you’ve acquired and what you’ve put in to your computer-like brain and the way that can move you or inhibit you.

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We can do something about what’s going in our brain and we can do something about whether we move ourselves or not. What you were born with is just what you were born with. You can even enhance that by physical and mental exercise. Either one of those can assist your inborn potential to become even more. It is releasing the inhibitors that are on you. Now affecting all three of those is another aspect here which is really important and that is your emotions.

Attend to Your Thinking Patterns

What’s going on inside of you? What’s going inside of your brain? How do you talk to yourself, (your self-talk)? What are your thinking processes? How are you using your brain to build emotions that guide you or inhibit you from doing what you do? Some of these negative emotional patterns can get in our way. Computers lacks emotion but a human system does not. We have lots of potentials. One my favorite books was written by Dr. Wayne Dyer back in the 1970’s, Gifts from Eykus.

It’s about a parallel world that is exactly like our world in many ways. But in our world we have free will and we have choice over what we do or don’t do, our emotions we will experience. In this other world that Eykus came from, it’s just like the earth in except that there ones’ emotions are created by external factors. You don’t have depression because of your thinking patterns or because of something chemically happening to you like here on earth. Depression on her planet happens because of depression thunderstorms rolling over the mountains and you have to take pills to stop from being affected by the electrical depression system outside of you.

Positive emotions help drop that extra weight from the pack you are carrying as you run. It’s like dropping the negativity from your mind. When you let go of that pack or weights you are carrying in the pack you feel more happiness, more enthusiasm, more pride, more love, more confidence and more energized. It’s as if you’ve released inhibitors that are holding you back. Your talents, your knowledge, your motivation become more available to you. Your potential is easier to actualize.

Negative emotions are like those weights–they hold you back, they stop you from doing things, they keep you from moving forward. Some of the things that add weight to the pack you are carrying are fears and anxieties. If you have those about what you are doing or where you are going, it is an inhibitor. The negativity stops you or slows you down from taking action. Sometimes fear can actually cause physical pain. There are many illnesses called psychosomatic illnesses that result from people’s stress or negative thinking patterns. These thinking patterns set up a “negative environment” inside of their bodies that contributes to making them sick.

Have you ever known someone that is so nervous about getting an injection that when they even see the needle they become pale, they sweat perhaps or they feel faint? That is totally different than another person who looks at the needle and doesn’t really think about the shot. Fear can sometimes become tangible. What we need to do is to begin using the power of our brain to release those things from our past, to drop those weights that we are carrying as we are trying to run so that we can move forward more easily, more effectively, more successfully.

(to be continued…)

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Achieving Your Dreams
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