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How Can Your Success Take a Quantum Leap?

The Science of You:
Boosting Your Personal Effectiveness for Repeated Successes (Part 2 of 11)

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(…continued from last week)

Making a Leap

Werner Heisenberg, the founder of quantum physics said “nature only reveals her secrets through the process of asking questions.” So today, we are going to ask some questions. We are going to explore some ways that you can utilize quantum physics to take your life to a whole new level.

Having a “quantum leap” is a term taken from the vocabulary of quantum physics. It is a science behind the technological breakthroughs we have today in computers, in lasers, in communications, in nuclear energy.

Quantum physics is a super powerful science that requires the re-thinking of who we are and what we are doing and has staggering implications. To put it simply, as human beings we are going to have to think about a new universe and how we fit into it. And you can begin taking your existence to a new level, to take a quantum leap.

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Fred Wolf, in his book Taking the Quantum Leap, describes it as “…an explosive jump a particle of matter undergoes in moving from one place to another.”

In a figurative sense, taking a quantum leap means taking a risk, going off into uncharted territory with no guide to follow. It’s an explosive leap to get somewhere else.

Now, that little sparrow I mentioned was taking leap after leap after leap. The problem was, it was banging its head against the window, and no matter how hard it tried it was not going to go anywhere. Goals, focus, vision, knowing where we want to go can help us—not just trying harder. Physicists who study quantum mechanics, quantum leaps, know that these particles may jump without effort, without covering all the bases, without starting at any points they go from point A to point B instantaneously. We can do that too. How does that happen? We will explore that right now.

Success Processes

Most people begin to operate with a mindset that assumes that success comes one step at a time. In many cases, through planning, through accurate and effective goal-setting, that is true. The unspoken but popular notion is that we must move systematically from where we are right now to the next level. Then, we go from that place to another place.

Gradual progress, slow and steady, over time does work. The difficulty is, just doing that slow and steady does not always get you where you want to go in the time you need to get there by. You go about day to day, striving to make incremental gains, and you may or may not ever get there. That is routine.

Life doesn’t always work that way. Advancing at a measured pace, step by step from where you are, little by little, feels safer, and sometimes works really well. Yet, in certain areas in life you can just as easily think of skipping levels or jumping levels. You can move from where you are to another level quickly. You may make quantum leaps. You become you to a higher power. Instead of accepting the present circumstances or being content with gradual improvement, you go for a breakthrough.

The Science of You implies that you can have this explosive jump in your performance, in who you are, in what you’re doing, in the goals you are achieving. It is really a formula for stunning advances and achievement and realization of your dreams.

The concept is one of exponential gains rather than incremental progress. You might compare it to multiplying instead of adding. It means a geometric progression where you get better and better, faster, easier, more effectively. Now that is exciting. But it gets even better.

Remember, quantum leaps can come without apparent effort. These are high velocity moves that move you to a better place. Quantum leaps seem to violate common sense utterly. Yet the idea of moving into this powerful place happens more rapidly and easily than we think. People do it all the time. As a matter of fact, the Science of You helps you make these steps where you can jump up to more power, more success, better relationships, better communications, a higher level of personal effectiveness for you, in moments.

(to be continued…)

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