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(…continued from last week)

Block: Fear Projections

If you have fears (and we all do) you may need to find ways beyond them. Your fears can guide you.

A fear to me is a warning sign. It’s like at a traffic stop light, there’s green which means go. There’s yellow which means pay attention, this is a warning, the lights going to change, so pay attention, you’re being warned. Red means stop. Fear, in many cases, is a yellow light. It’s telling you something is going on, something is going to change, so pay attention.

Embracing Change
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We need to pay attention to what’s going on around us, not just feel the fear and let it inhibit us. Most procrastination is because of fear. Your fears can turn you into a major procrastinator. You need to break free of them so that doesn’t happen.

Days, weeks, months, even years can pass from fear–and so do your dreams. Don’t let your fears hold you back.

Whatever you’ve been planning, whatever you’ve been imagining, whatever you’ve dreamed, get on with it.

You want to start a business? Take a few steps. If you want to change careers, well now is the time to begin thinking about it. You want to expand or enter a new market? It’s time to think about it. Want to make some changes in yourself or your relationship? Put your fears aside, get going, get something happening otherwise today will go by. Once tomorrow comes, today is lost–so step up!

Today is the most precious asset you have. This is the one thing that you don’t want to lose, the one thing you do not want to let go of, so use today to overcome some of these things that get in your way and really launch into a better today and a wonderful tomorrow.

Tips for Happiness

Let’s think for a moment about things we can do that really boost our happiness.

Two years ago I was doing a keynote speech at a Regional Fire Leadership Conference. One of the audience members wrote down a statement that I made, and just loved it as a quote.

A couple of weeks later I got an email from him saying thank you for what I shared and how much they appreciated it. And on the bottom of their email was a quote of me–the statement I’d said at the conference. They asked, “Do you mind if I use this? I want this to be part of my emails from now on?” I said certainly.

The quote that they wrote down was, “You must make a decision on the goal you really want, then take action ‘as if’ it will all work out exactly as you planned!” Dr. Larry Iverson

Pause here for 10 to 20 seconds and think about that.

Take A Chance–Sooner Than Later….

Part of what we have to do to build happiness is to take small chances every single day. It’s the best way to face what comes up at us, it crushes fears. It overcomes some of the biggest challenges because you step up and say, “Okay give me your best shot, we’re going anyhow!”

You take chances in life that you’re willing to take. If the risk is too big, you back away, which is sometimes very wise. But don’t let your fears decide whether you will or will not do something. Take a little chance, step up, see if something will work out. Give it a shot. You’ve got to do new things because those new things are part of this “…take action as if it’s all going to work out exactly how you planned!” You’ve got to think about that. When you start into a project you have to plan on that it’s going to work, not that’s it going to fail.

(to be continued…)

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