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The Heart of Motivation -
Putting Your Thoughts Into Action
(Part 4 of 10)

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The Power of Winning

These engaging stories and strategies for success are provided by today's top experts on winning, from New York Times bestselling authors and sports luminaries to other successful people who have bucked the odds to achieve greatness. You'll also develop the core skills of a winner, including mastery of the winner's mind-set. There are a few keys to winning, and learning them doesn't have to be difficult. You just need the right tools. From overcoming adversity to finding motivation when the odds are against you, The Power of Winning audio suite offers hours of inspiration and practical steps toward reaching your personal best, whether you're in the boardroom or in the field. Featuring top international speakers, The Power of Winning will be your master class for reaching your highest potential. Enjoy The Power of Winning today to refine and master your skills in competition, strategy, and the art of winning.

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Energize Your Mind

What if you are not getting where you’d hoped and you are doing what seems to be all the right things? Does it ever feel like you are just doing a treadmill and not making any progress? You can begin changing that today. In this program you will gain action signals that help you see what stops you from achieving. You will not only see the signals, but you will learn specific actions you can take to help break through barriers that have held you back. What if there was a sure-fire way you could feel more confident and powerful rapidly? Have you ever wanted to change a habit pattern but were just stuck? Would it be helpful to know how to build unshakable belief in yourself? Beginning today you can do all this and much more. Dr. Larry Iverson has successfully assisted thousands in this growth process over the last 30 years. These strategies can help you feel great while boosting your self-esteem and gaining greater self-confidence.

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