Are You Fired Up And Ready?

The Heart of Motivation -
Putting Your Thoughts Into Action
(Part 8 of 10)

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Living With Power And Purpose

Overcome old mental habits and negative perceptions. so you begin getting the results you want. No more excuses! Dr. Iverson will teach you strategies that boost your ability to build a great life, faster and easier than you ever thought possible. If there's a part of your life you want to be different than it is right now, the change must begin in your mind. Until you change your mental patterns you will keep repeating the same behavior and actions over and over. All change must first happen inside of us before it can ever manifest in the external world. Take back control and focus your mind for success beginning now!

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Getting Things Done

The Keys To Success! You need keys for just about everything these days - keys for your house, to start your car, for your safe deposit box - almost everything has a lock. There are metaphorical keys too. The keys you will find in this book will unlock the door to the knowledge you must have to get things done through communication, sales, and service. Through this you'll learn skills that can help you make you more money, improve your health, build strong relationships and attain goals which are important to you and those you love.

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