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The Science of You: Boosting Your Personal Effectiveness for Repeated Successes
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The Psychology of Leadership

If there was a way you could rapidly boost your success and your team's -- wouldn't you want to know it? Do you think knowing the 5 steps the Mayo Clinic discovered for building unshakeable beliefs would be of benefit? If you knew how to overcome the #1 most frequently occurring miscommunication would it help you? Would knowing The Convincer Strategy that compels people to make a decision and take action be valuable to you? Dr. Larry Iverson will give you proven strategies so you can master these skills and much more.

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Overcoming Obstacles and Breaking Barriers in Business and Life! What if you could change the world? What is holding you back? Learn success techniques to break through your glass ceiling and achieve extraordinary results. This audio series will challenge and inspire you to go beyond your comfort zone, providing practical tips on how you can make changes. Get multiple points of view from bestselling authors on topics ranging from achieving goals to getting clarity on your true desires. Move past the fear that holds you back—whether it's conscious or subconscious. Once you understand the process of Breakthrough, nothing can hold you back from achieving your dreams. Create your future now, and structure your life for a breakthrough success.

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