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Ever thrown out an excuse for some goof on your part? Every one of us, at one time or another, makes excuses for what we did, or did not get done. We cover our tracks with alibis.

I’m sure there is very valid, justifiable reason why you gave up—right? There always is.

And in truth, there is a time to quit. But how many of us have stopped just because we were tired of the struggle? It wasn’t because we’d really lost—we just got tired.

Or how many things could have been done, but the lack of knowledge gave you a valid alibi, or the possibility of looking silly, or the not making the time to do it, stopped us from attaining our goal?

Don’t you know someone in your life who is really good at something? Maybe not a world champ, but really good? We all have things that are beyond our capability to do, but there are also numerous things we could be great at.

Think about it. Is there something you excel at doing—quilting, speaking in public, tennis, running meetings, raising children, being a great friend, making money, spelling, or something else? There are thousands of things you are very good at.

For example, some might say, “Well, yah—everybody is good at brushing their teeth. Just because I do that well it’s really no big deal.” It is a big deal! Ever had a cavity? Those suck. And you get them from lack of good brushing habits. So even if many are good at it, there are those who aren’t—and you are!

You don’t have to make excuses if you are not perfect, but don’t down-play the things you are good at.

There are areas where you did exceptionally well. You didn’t give yourself an alibi. You just took action. You learned and you excelled.

Keep this up in those areas you value, and you are truly unstoppable. Don’t make excuses—take action.

Best of Success, Larry

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