Be In Command
Develop a Commanding Presence to Present Authoritatively and Persuasively

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Be In Command! | Develop A Commanding Presence To Present Authoritatively And Persuasively | Dr. Larry Iverson

From: Larry Iverson, PhD


Take your skills of influence and persuasion to a whole new level.  Develop greater Leadership Command Presence in this fast-paced, step-by-step program by Dr. Larry Iverson. You will learn the skills that create charisma and credibility—skills that are used by Generals, Professional Negotiators, Incident Commanders and other professionals who require instant respect. Using the verbal and nonverbal tactics taught here, you can get people to immediately like you and believe you.  This gives you strategies essential to gaining rapid credibility.

Author of Think and Grow Rich Napoleon Hill said, “Success leaves tracks which you can follow.” Applying the proven inner-game strategies used by highly successful athletes and executives will help you go from where you are today, to the tomorrow you desire—with greater ease and speed.

What if you could either add an extra hour to your day, or do what you usually would, but have an hour left over? How would you like to know ways to stop getting stalled by the 7 biggest time wasters? Would you like to learn a prioritization strategy that guarantees you or your people are always working on the most important tasks? Applying these proven strategies, you can now manage your time more effectively, and have greater control over yourself as well. Begin using Dr. Iverson's time mastery strategies and gain that extra hour, starting today!

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Be In Command! | Develop A Commanding Presence To Present Authoritatively And Persuasively | Dr. Larry Iverson
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