The 9 Secrets To Time Mastery
How To Save At Least 1 Hour Every Day

From: Larry Iverson, PhD


What if you could either add an extra hour to your day, or do what you usually would, but have an hour left over? How would you like to know ways to stop getting stalled by the 7 biggest time wasters? Would you like to learn a prioritization strategy that guarantees you or your people are always working on the most important tasks? Applying these proven strategies, you can now manage your time more effectively, and have greater control over yourself as well. Begin using Dr. Iverson's time mastery strategies and gain that extra hour, starting today!

The 9 Secrets To Time Mastery | Dr. Larry Iverson
  • Learn the 4 keys to getting organized.
  • Know what to do to break free from the 7 biggest time wasters.
  • Learn the #1 method for prioritization that takes less than 5 minutes to complete.
  • Know how to apply 8 strategies for getting your work done faster and easier.
  • Learn the 4 reasons why people procrastinate, and how to break the habit now.
  • Learn a simple technique for dealing with email, texts and the telephone that will save you hours every week.

"The 9 Secrets To Time Mastery"
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