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(…continued from last week)

Attitude For Risking

Research from Oxford University School of Business said there are certain attitudes that people who take risks and attain the goals they desire carry with them.

One of those is that they look at the negatives and the obstacles standing in front of them. They don’t avoid them. They don’t pretend they don’t exist, they look at them very clearly, very honestly and they make decisions about what they will do and what they will not do.

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But the primary focus is on the positive outcome they desire, not on the negative possibility. So first, look at the negative but stay focused on the positive and the ultimate outcome you desire to attain.

Secondly, those people are able to calm negative emotions. We talked a moment ago about in the process of taking risks there is usually a bit of nervousness associated with the action you are taking. That’s absolutely normal. That tension can keep you moving when things get in your way.

Yet, they don’t allow those negative emotions to go too far, they’re able to calm themselves down, manage their internal dialog, and get that nervousness into a manageable level.

So secondly, the attitude that one must carry is that you can calm yourself. That you will slow down and take the time you need to make the decisions to move and keep yourself calm in the process.

The third thing that Oxford found was a positive belief system. They said that this positive belief resulted in part because the person had a step-by-step plan. They knew what they were doing. They had goals they wanted to achieve and they had broken the process down and had a step-by-step plan for attaining it. This is part of the goal process you just overviewed.

A fourth component they found at Oxford was that these people were flexible and adaptable. Does everything that you try to do work perfectly the very first time you do it? No, that doesn’t happen for anyone. You have to go for it. If it works, great! If it doesn’t turnout just how you’d planned, you need to analyze what was done and the outcome. Then think about how you want to revise what you did, generate a new plan, and go again. You have to be able to flex your methods of getting to your goal.

The fifth component of this positive attitude, focus, and taking risks and achieving goals is stick-to-it-iveness–being tenacious. Tenaciousness is crucial to achieving your desired outcome.

Things won’t always flow in the way you hoped they would. That’s the case the vast majority of the time. Don’t let it get you down! Look at what happened, hang in there with your revised plan and go again.

To summarize–the first ingredient was to look at the negative but stay focused on the positive. Second, be able to calm yourself down and manage emotions. Third, have a positive belief system and create a step-by-step plan that you will put in to action. Fourth, be flexible and adaptable along the way. And fifth, stick to it, be tenacious.

Oxford found these are essentials to getting where you want to go and really making your life work the way you desire.

(to be continued…)

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