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Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

We have all heard of self fulfilling prophecies. It’s the process of what you are focused on most is what happens.

Self-fulfilling prophecies are when you have a positive belief about how things are going your way, they normally work out for you. And conversely, if you have negative expectations that things are going to be bad and going to get worse, that’s probably what you’re going to get.

Years ago Dr. Bernie Siegel reported on a study that was done with a new type of chemotherapy for cancer patients. This study was documented in clinical trials. In the study there was a regular chemotherapy group and a control group that they ran along side of it.

One group received the chemotherapy treatment. The control group only received saline solution. (The saline group did receive regular chemo at a later time.)

In the beginning no one knew who was in the chemotherapy group and who was in the saline solution group. It was known by both groups that about 30% of the people who had chemotherapy lost their hair.

Here’s an interesting side note. Both groups were told this and it was interesting that the control group who were only getting saline solution had about a 30% hair loss rate just like the people who were actually receiving the chemotherapy. The saline seemed to make no difference because their expectation and the self-fulfilling prophecy was that they were going to loose their hair, and so about one third of the people did even if they were only receiving salt water!

It was also known by the researchers that about 90% of the people who had this specific chemotherapy had nausea from the treatment. But when the cancer patients were told repeatedly that it was rare that people ever had nausea, less than 15 percent of the people who had this chemo actually had any nausea at all! Only 15% instead of the normal 90%.

Focus your mind on what you want. Create positive self-fulfilling prophecies that work for you. Make today a great day!

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