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Start Being Happy Now

The Practice of Happiness
The Dozen Core Components To Creating Abundant Happiness (Part 1 of 14)

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Happiness is something that often people strive for. They seek, they hunt, and they find nothing. The reason is, happiness can’t be found. Happiness is….

It exists in side of you right this moment, but there are things that you can do to make it better. People strive to find and keep it, even when it seems to be so elusive. Being happy does not just mean feeling contented all the time, feeling joyful, having a positive sense, meaning and fulfilment within you – no one really is happy all the time.

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If you are bouncing off the walls happy, you’re probably manic and there are very good medications that can help you. But there are many studies that have gone into why some people are happier than others, and what you can do to have more of it in your life, beginning right now.

Sometimes you have to do things that make it tough to be happy. Those are things that no one really wants to do, and other people just aren’t willing to do, and so their happiness is rather elusive.

It doesn’t come to them the way they would like. These are things that other people cannot do for you. These are things that make you look at your own reality, that have you decide on what you must do to push forward.

Some of these really define who you are. They are what make the difference between existing and living, between really finding your path and walking and living your path. Between a life that is just getting along and one that’s filled with happiness and success.

In truth, we really need to think about what can we begin doing today to make our life more the way we want? Because happiness doesn’t just explode onto the scene, it exists all the time, but there are things that we can do to increase it and make it larger. We’re going to explore what you can begin doing right this very minute, right this very day, that I guarantee you will assist you in having more fulfilment, more fun, more happiness in your life from this day forward.

The Mayo Clinic on Happiness

Let’s begin to look at tips for cultivating a rich happiness inside of yourself.

Have you been waiting for happiness to find you? Have you been seeking it out? Well, it’s time to stop waiting and it’s time to stop seeking, because happiness exists inside of you right now. Just like sadness exists inside of you right now. And frustration exists inside of you right now, and enthusiasm exists inside of you right now.

What we’re going to begin is discovering the practices of happiness. The Mayo Clinic released studies a few years back on happiness and how to make it happen. They said, despite what fairy tales depict, happiness doesn’t appear by magic. It’s not even something that happens to you, it’s something you can cultivate.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s start uncovering how to be happy. They said there were a number of different things that we each need to do to really make a difference. They said that part of it is we need to look at what science tells us about the process of happiness.

(to be continued…)

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