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Strategies for Generating Greater Harmony Throughout Your Life (Part 5)

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(…continued from last week)

One issue is that we want to get a lot done. One of the ways that will help with doing that is to slow down a bit. Don’t be so crazy about how fast you’re moving. Why does everything need to be accomplished today? Often, unrealistic pressures and constraints are put on ourselves by ourselves when we don’t have to.


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You say, “Well it isn’t me that’s pressuring me it’s the forces outside; it’s my boss, it’s the people in the organization, it’s other departments”. That may be true yet pressure is created by you. All they do is create an environment in which you will either feel pressure or not.

So when you can slow yourself a bit, think a little more clearly, take analysis of the parts that face you, you can challenge your impatience. Be mindful, enjoy the moment. Look at what’s around you and take time to really make sure that an important moment is being seen, felt and experienced. Slow down enough to make sure that you are getting out of that moment what you desire.

In that process of slowing down, sometimes we can take the time to have a sense of humor. A sense of humor can make all the difference. The world is instantly a better place when you can see the funny side of things. You need to slow it down and if you can laugh it off.

Do people do things that let you down? Absolutely, there are times when it’s upsetting when people don’t follow through and do what you want. Yet at the same time, if there is a way for you to look at it, think about that it’s not the end of the world and laugh it off, it will make a difference. Maintain your sense of humor. Laughter is a great antidote for stress and releases hormones, if you do it enough it helps relax you and brings more calmness to your mind.

Break Through Clutter

Another strategy for helping yourself with harmony and peace of mind is to de-clutter. Have regular clear outs. Have you ever known someone whose car is filled with stuff and part of it is garbage, it’s like a trash heap? Or you have a desk that is filled with papers, so much so that you don’t know where things are. Or perhaps your home is cluttered enough that you are overwhelmed at times with how much there is to do.

Clutter can add to feelings of tension. A clean home, car, and work space allows a clear, more at ease mind. It brings more harmony.

Are there things you’ve hung on to for years that you haven’t even looked at? Well, some of them may be heirlooms, some of them you may use in the future, but a lot of the stuff that’s just hanging out there is because you’ve never taken the time to let it go and it just takes up space. Take the time to de-clutter.

Another aspect that will assist you with having more harmony and more peace within yourself is be assertive. You have to stand up for what you believe in. That doesn’t mean you have to shout out from the roof tops, you don’t have to go out to protests, you don’t have to argue with people on the streets. What you do have to do is to be assertive of your position and what you know to be true. You have as much right to be here, to have your opinion as anyone else on the planet does.

When you become passive or submissive you do yourself and the people around you a disservice. Being assertive isn’t about being aggressive; it’s about speaking your truth, it’s about letting people know what you believe, it’s about taking care of those things that you can.

Assertiveness is taking care of ourselves and not allowing ourselves to be demeaned by another. We stand up for what we believe. It’s about allowing what is best and what we believe to be true to come out. Through doing that people can get to know you better and you will get to know them more effectively. They speak their truth because they feel free to do so when you are.

(to be continued…)

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