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Strategies for Generating Greater Harmony Throughout Your Life (Part 1)

Order and download this entire audio program. Here are a few great ideas to assist you in focusing on the good and the possibilities in your life. Andrew Carnegie said, “Think of yourself as on the threshold of unparalleled success. A whole clear, glorious life lies before you. Achieve! Achieve!” Edward Noyes Westcott said, “The […]

Posted: August 16th, 2017 under Audio Programs.
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Risking – Going For Gold (Part 4)

Order and download this entire eight-part audio program. (…continued from last week) To risk implies taking action. Of course you could just sit there and do nothing, but you’re not going to get anything different from your past. Deciding to take a risk is at times very tough to do. To take a risk means […]

Posted: June 15th, 2016 under Tips for Success.
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Break The Worry Cycle Today

Have you ever gotten caught up in worry? Worry is ongoing, negative, cyclic thinking. It’s equivalent to being caught in a whirlpool of negative self-talk. And rarely does it produce any value. It just makes you feel lousy, and quite frequently immobilizes you. The human potential genius Dale Carnegie once said, “90% of the things […]

Posted: August 8th, 2012 under Tips for Success.
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Thought Power–Design Your Life

What does your brain do to you when you tell yourself…? “That’ll take forever to complete.” Or, “I’m uncertain what to do first.” Or, “That’s so hard….” Both your motivation and your energy drop–instantly! When there’s something you need to get done or want to achieve, make your mental focus what you “can do” versus […]

Posted: January 18th, 2012 under Tips for Success.
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