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Take Care of Yourself–Managing Negatives

Do you ever feel bored? Do you get down, sad, depressed? Do you yearn for company when others are not around? Though all of these are normal, your “company” part of your brain may need a bit of work.

One evening while socializing with a buddy (I’ll call him Despondent Duffy), we were discussing relationships. He made a comment that I thought over in more detail later.

He said, “I can’t stand to be alone. I need to have people around me all the time or I’m bored or lonely.”

Later when reflecting on Duffy, it made sense to me why he was always either throwing a party or going to a party, and always inviting others to do activities with him. And that as soon as he split up with the person he was dating he immediately had to find someone else to be with.

Duffy was not very good company to himself.

He needed to be entertained by others because his own thinking was not stimulating to him. Plus, as I later learned that if he was alone he was a worrier. He’d scare himself about all the things that “might go wrong” in his life.

Duffy’s issue was what I refer to as “Stinkin’ Thinkin’”. He was often focused on the negatives in life. Being alone was not fun for him because his mind was filled with negative “what ifs”.

Don’t be a Despondent Duffy. Avoid the stinkin’ thinkin’ and you’ll be much better company for yourself—and everyone you encounter.

The Best of Success to You, Larry

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