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The Biggest Obstacle You’ll Encounter — Your Own Mind

Do you ever encounter a barrier or obstacle that just stops you dead. Obstacles are so compelling when they are in your face.

William Randolph Hearst said, “You must keep your mind on the objective, not on the obstacle.”

When something is in your face, when there is a block, it’s tough to not become caught in its magnetic field. It sucks you in. It’s nearly impossible not to think about it.

It’s rather like if you were dining at a restaurant and your friend says, “Don’t look, but sitting at the table behind you is Jack Nicholson!” You instantly have an irresistible urge to turn around and look for yourself.

Actually, you do need to spend some time thinking about challenges or difficulties you encounter. If you just ignore them you may wind up in trouble. Yet it’s detrimental to spend the majority of your time dwelling on them.

You can be problem focused, or solution focused. Use a problem focus to analyze the challenge. Then get off of it! If you stay focused on the problems you are stuck. To move beyond a problem, you must move into a solution focused perspective.

There is a truism that says, “You get what you think about most.” So think about the problem, but spend more time focused on the solution. Be focused on creating a plan of action. Dwell on how you can go over, under, around or through the barrier inhibiting you from your desired outcome.

To be proactive, you need to have at least a low level of enthusiasm. Fear can kick you into gear—and if it’s strong enough, but it can take a toll on your mental and/or physical health.

Passion and positive enthusiasm for overcoming the situation not only feels better, but also stimulates your immune system in a beneficial way and increases your energy level.

Focus on the positive, and detach from the negative.

Think of the barrier, but give more energy to course correcting action. Analyze the problem, but spend the majority of your energy focused on the solution. Because, you will have more of whatever you focus on most.

Best of Success, Larry

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