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True Success Is A Competition With Yourself!

The Practice of Happiness
The Dozen Core Components To Creating Abundant Happiness (Part 9 of 14)

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(…continued from last week)

Focus On You, Not On Them

You also to ignore what everybody else is doing and achieving. You’re not them.

Now you can do really well what you do, but you’re not them, and you have to do your own way. Your life is about breaking your own limits. Growing, to be your best in your own life. You’re not in competition with anybody else, you’re in competition with you.

Those athletes who are the most successful, they strive, they work, they go out and they compete like crazy. But the real competition, if you talk to most of them, is inside of themselves for improving their own game to be better at who they are.

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You also need to worry less about what other people think about you. That’s essential. Why? Because some people are not going to like you, just because you’re male or you’re female, you’re older or younger than they are, you’re more educated or less educated than they are, you’re richer or poorer, you have different taste, you have different hobbies, you have different interests, etc. If you’re worried about them liking you, and you’re doing everything you can, you may be flat out of luck.

A rich, rewarding life is about spending your time passionately, being happy, enjoying who you are, not worrying about other people’s petty judgments, but enjoying your life and the richness you have with the other people around you who really matter most to you.

If you really want to achieve greatly, if you want to be the absolute best you can be, don’t worry about getting approval from everybody else because you are not going to get it. Don’t worry about it! Some people will appreciate it, some will not. Some will encourage you, some will try and block you. But you don’t need somebody else’s approval to be happy, happiness is a choice, make it yourself.

You need to walk the talk. Don’t ask others to guide your footsteps, you guide you. Happiness comes from within you–not from outside. It’s choosing the goals, it’s picking the targets. It’s going out and making things happen, it’s moving in the direction you want.

Success will be yours when you own it, when you take responsibility for yourself and the goals that you desire and you make them a top priority in life and you flat go for it.

Keep Growing You

Another key is–you need to invest in you. You need to invest in yourself, even when no one else is. The economy may change, training drops off, the organization does not support you becoming more, they just want you to get the job done. Truth be told, there’s only a few people in this world who can stay 100% true to you and the first one is you.

You need to invest in your attitude, your knowledge, your physical health, your skillsets, your ability to deal with other people. You need to prioritize your world, your needs, your organizations desired outcomes, your to dos and invest in you.

You take time to make you better. You take time to enrich your life and make it the way you really want it. You are the one who takes care of you.

Doctor Seuss in the book Oh the Places You’ll Go said, “You have brains in your head, you have feet in your shoes, you can steer yourself any direction you choose.” So be it, invest in yourself, choose where you’re going to go, choose what you want to do, choose where you will actually make a difference and move on.

(to be continued…)

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