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Truth Is Fact, Perception Is Reality

Part 11 of 12 from Wake Up and Win! Turn Off The Autopilot

(continued from last week…)

Your Thinking & Reality

Part of taking your life off autopilot is waking up to your thinking patterns. We all have positive thoughts. We all have negative thoughts. That’s normal. The percentage of time that you spend in those positive thoughts or negative thoughts though is a choice.

The most positive person on the planet probably has negative thinking at least 20% of the time. But the positive thinking 80% of the time can totally override the negativity that’s going on within his or her mind.

We all have worries, we have fears, we have things that scare us. We have things we need to be concerned about. We have physical ailments that happen to us. We have finances that go up and down. We have people who make demands on us. A crucial component of all of this is taking control and watching what’s going on within your thinking patterns.

Psychology of Running Your Brain
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Fact vs. Reality

Albert Einstein said, “Truth is fact, but perception is reality.”

Your thinking patterns generate what is reality for you.

Reality is not what you see, necessarily. It is what you think about what you are seeing. If you see a flower and to you it is an ugly color and you don’t like the shape of it and so on–that’s your reality.

Someone else may look at that exact same flower and exclaim, “What an amazing thing! It’s one of the most beautiful flowers I’ve ever seen!” That’s their reality. Is one reality wrong and the other one right? Not necessarily. It depends on perspective and depends on your thinking patterns.

It is your job, moment to moment, to watch what you’re thinking and what you’re focused on.

Yes, bad things happen. Yes, frustrations occur. Absolutely, there are things that get in the way of achieving the desired outcome you want. Yet your thinking patterns about that situation make a difference.

What are you choosing to focus on most? Your thinking is your choice. You can tell yourself negative and upsetting things. You can tell yourself positive and encouraging things. Whichever one you choose is your reality.

There are times when everyone feels pessimistic. There are other times the most despondent person feels optimistic. We all experience both. Yet the crucial question is which one are you choosing to focus on the majority of the time? It is your choice.

Commit to running your brain more effectively. Decide to be positive–not Polly-Anna, not over the top, but positive and encouraging about what you can do, what you will do, where you are going, what you’re going to go for. That is within your reality and your focus of control.

ReThink, Go Again

Unfortunately there are many times things will not go the way you desired. You’ve put out time, energy, work, focus, given something a great shot and it just doesn’t come through. Is it disappointing? Absolutely. Feel the disappointment. Let it sink inside for a moment. Then after you’ve done that long enough, choose to change your focus. (“Long Enough” is decided by you.) Choose to change your thinking patterns.

It’s normal to go down. It’s normal to go up. Which one you do the majority of the time is really up to you.

You can’t always control what happens around you but you can always begin controlling what’s going on within you. It is up to you. Make your world, make your brain, make your life what you want it to be by taking back control over your thinking patterns. Don’t let your negative self-talk get in your way! Don’t let that negative internal dialogue, those negative images, overwhelm you.

You need to manage you because it’s good for you. Everyone else around you will benefit as you feel more in control, more on top of your game, doing what you need to do, but you are the one who really wins.

(to be continued…)

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