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Using your Brain Effectively (Part 4)

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(…continued from last week)

Dr. Bensons work is based on the inseparable connection between our mind and our body. Up until the 1940’s it was believed that the mind and body, though they’re inside of one place together, were separate things. That the mind and the body didn’t really connect. That what’s going on inside of your mind didn’t really affect your body, and that what your body does didn’t affect your mind. That’s not true.

The complicated interactions that take place between thinking, emotions, the body and the outside world, integrate together, a modern scientific medicine of the interaction of physiology, nutrition, exercise, thinking, belief patterns, capabilities, and using nature. The end result is a self-care process that is a compliment to the conventional path and interaction of medicine, surgery, and pharmaceuticals.

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This mind-body connection type of medicine is also known as “Complementary Medicine”, or “Integrative Medicine”. Dr. Benson at Massachusetts General, in conjunction with multiple universities across the United States, has shown that between 60% to 90% of all physician visits are for stress related complaints.

Through more than 35 years of research and clinical practice, Benson and his colleagues have proven the effectiveness of mind-body medicine by helping hundreds of thousands of men and woman. These processes help reduce stresses that can cause or exacerbate conditions such as heart disease, cancer, infertility, stomach and gastrointestinal problems, chronic pain, and much more.

It All Works Together

The mind-body connection has important distinctions for the way that we look at illness and treat disease. Modern medicine now takes into account that physical health is influenced by our thinking, by our feelings, by our behaviors, not just our genetics or whether we catch a flu bug or not.

Harvard Medical School, due to Dr. Benson’s research, says that well-being and health overall is a three legged stool.

The legs of this stool are, 1. modern medicine and surgery, 2. the medicines and drugs, and 3. self-care and the use of your mind and your body. This “three legged stool model” makes a lot of sense when you begin to look at more and more of the research that is happening today.

Dr. Bensons cutting edge research has often times shocked the medical community. When he went on NBC national news and presented an introduction into the relaxation response and how to use it in modern medicine, as well as just your regular daily life, it made a difference world-wide. Doctors and regular people saw irrefutable evidence on the benefits and workings of Mind-Body Medicine.

Some of the benefits of the integrative relaxation response process are:

  • when you go into this calmer place your heart doesn’t have to work as hard
  • your heart rate slows down
  • blood pressure normalizes
  • your muscles relax
  • hypertension in the physiology (which is just muscle tightness) diminishes
  • brain waves slow down
  • the hyperactive stress brain waves diminish
  • your breathing becomes slower
  • relaxation hormones begin to be released into the blood stream
  • blood flows more evenly throughout the body with less vaso constriction (blood vessel tightening and diameter shrinkage), and all of this is the result of practicing various forms of mental and physical relaxation response processes

What research shows is that all emotions are experienced both in your mind and in your physiology. If you are feeling emotional about something you will see it both in the way your body reacts and in the way your brain is thinking. If you can get a handle on the emotions in the mind, the physiology will respond. If you can get more physiological control and relaxation, the brain will respond. Mind-body medicine is about taking more control over both your mind and your body so that both are benefitted by the process.

(to be continued…)

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