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Using your Brain Effectively (Part 7)

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(…continued from last week)

Interact For Growth

An important component is being social, talking to other people. Have people to interact with, whether that is social interaction at work, or social interaction in your personal life–have social interactions. Talk to people that you like, that stimulate you, that cause you to think and grow.

While cocooned within the comfort zone we run a risk of avoiding unfamiliar people or situations because it’s not comfortable to us. Going into that place where we are a little uncomfortable, having expansion and growth and interaction is good for you.

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Social isolation, as researchers have discovered, puts people at risk for mental decline. If you live only within a little tiny world and you’re not trying new things, learning new things, studying new things, you will have mental decline because your brain isn’t growing new neurons. It isn’t expanding. It isn’t making new neuro-connections. You can lose that cognitive reserve that you have.

Dr. Fabiny’s research supports that if you’re not using those neuro networks, they will literally just shrink and go away. They become inactive, and after a while they cease to exist.

Some of her research at Cambridge shows that poor emotional health, poor mental control, and lack of learning and growing, can even weaken the body’s immune system resulting from hormonal shifts. This impact can be large enough that it makes you more likely to get colds and infections during stressful or emotionally difficult times.

When you feel stress, or when you feel anxious you may not take as good care of you as you should. You may not feel like exercising. If you’re feeling tired most people don’t want to jump up and exercise but if you do you automatically feel better. Being stressed or anxious can also bump hormones into over or under production.

Eating nutritious foods; alive foods such as fruits, vegetables and grains will help your physiology better cope with some of those stressors that come along because they give you more nutrients that are literally alive.

Wishing Is Not Action

Negative feelings don’t go away just because you want them to. You have to do something. Whether your action is medically or chemically changing something, or neurologically and thinking changing something, or both, you need to take action.

There are a many things you can do that make a difference. You can express your feelings in appropriate ways. Feelings of stress, sadness, anxiety, overwhelm, depression, anger, can cause physical problems. Keeping those bottled up inside can only make it worse. You have to let people you care about and/or your doctor or a counsellor know when something is bothering you. Keep in mind that you don’t necessarily want to bury the people around you with your problems, because you may push them away doing that. Dumping your negative on a person repeatedly can harm your relationship.

You need to manage your feelings and sometimes that means you have to connect with people in certain ways to let them help you, even if you’re trying to be strong, you need to let people in. You need to have more of a balanced life and not obsess about problems at work, school, home, that lead to negative feelings.

What’s Your Focus

This doesn’t mean you have to pretend you’re happy all the time, everyone gets stressed. Anxiety is part of life. Getting upset by something that happens or frustrated with what’s going on around you is normal. It’s important to deal with these negative feelings but try to focus on positive things in your life too, make the positive the biggest focus.

You may want to use a journal for instance, to keep track of things. It’s helpful to keep track of both the negatives and the positives.

As you track these you will see themes. You will see negative themes that are taking away from what you want, you will see positive themes that are enhancing and supporting what you want.

(to be continued…)

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