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(…continued from last week)

Einstein’s Attitude Adjusters

Albert Einstein is most well-known for his theory of relativity. Yet toward the end of his life, he wrote on spirituality, on attitudes, on the human condition, on becoming happier and being a more effective human being. He wrote about many subjects, all having to do with thinking, attitude and managing oneself.

Einstein wrote on cultivating a mental attitude that will bring you more calmness, more happiness, and a better life overall. He said he had done this most of his life, even during the time he had to flee Nazi Germany.

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Focus on ‘Up’

He said the first thing we need to do is fill our mind with thoughts of peace, courage, health, and hope that our life is going to work the way we want it to work. We need to think about the possibilities and what we can do. Not just focus on the tough times.

As we overviewed earlier, we do need to look at difficulties. We need to be able to accept the worst that happens, accept that it’s possible and act and move forward. Yet we need to do everything in our power to fill our minds with thinking that calms us, quiets us, and encourages us and the people around us, so that our life is better right now.

Your thinking in many cases makes your life what it is today–for good or bad. It’s not so much the situation itself as what you are thinking about the situation. If you can think more calmly and focus more internally on the good in your life, you will feel better automatically.

Don’t Try and Get Even

The second rule that Einstein talked about was saying you should never try and get even with someone else. If you do, even if you get even with them, it’s going to come back on you because that resentment, that anger, builds up and takes a toll on you as well.

Don’t waste your time thinking about people you don’t like and trying to get even with them. That revenge thinking, that anger thinking diminishes you as an individual.

A friend and mentor, Steve Andreas one time asked me the question, “Why would you want to take that person you are angry with to bed with you at night?”

If you are carrying around negativity, you are carrying around hostility toward someone else. If you go to bed thinking angrily about them, you just took them to bed with you. Don’t.

There is no benefit to you carrying the anger, and they probably don’t even know what’s going on. Don’t carry them around with you. There’s nothing good in it for you or them.

(to be continued…)

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