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What Type of Genius Are You?

The Science of You:
Boosting Your Personal Effectiveness for Repeated Successes (Part 4 of 11)

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(…continued from last week)

Innovation is Key to Change

Ordinarily you will find that just trying harder will not do that much. It may give you an incremental gain, but not a big leap. It is just a little. More of the same is not going to help you. If you truly want to make that big growth, that big spurt, quit thinking about trying harder. More effort is not the answer. It is not going to help you and get you there faster.

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You have to be ruthless about doing something different. Ordinarily when we achieve conventional growth it is because we’ve been thinking along conventional lines, which is fine. We experience reasonable performance gains because we apply reasonable approaches. We work on things doing them in new ways.

Quantum leaps, the big steps, require you to abandon the status quo. Instead of just doing something you’ve always done, you have to think about variations, new ways, other ways of applying the same concept but doing it in different ways than you’ve done in the past. The Science of You means you have to change your behavior. You begin applying those things that will help take you to that next step.

Look for something that may be even contradictory in vision, something that may be paradoxical. Try reversing some of the things you’ve done, being a little illogical. See if you can go at something from a different level. Instead of just going straight up over the wall, see if there is a way you can go back and forth to get over it with more ease, with more finesse, and maybe even faster. Try a new approach.

The tendency is, when you see other things begin to level off, you just keep doing what you’ve always done. It may be time to do things from another perspective. Faith in the familiar sets a trap. It is good to have the familiar around you. It helps you move forward. Yet, at the same time, you have to do something that really helps you take a big step up. To make that big growth spurt, you have to break out of the rut. You quit second-guessing yourself. You overcome the addiction to doing it the same old way. You set a new pattern. If the things you’re doing stop working, do something else.

Quantum leaps come when you seek the elegant solution. Look for an approach characterized by ‘new’, ‘elegant’, ‘simple’, ‘flexible’, ‘neat’. It may not be complex, yet it may be. Sometimes the fastest big growth comes from looking at something, doing something in a new or unique way, and then you get this spurt of energy, this achievement, rapidly. It is looking at something from a different point of view that quite often makes the difference.

Types of Genius

Albert Einstein said there are various types of genius. One type of genius is the person who sees something that already exists, they think about it, and find new uses for it in a new way. A second type of genius is the person who sees something that exists, thinks about it for a while, and comes up with an improvement on it that makes it a new thing or a little different and seemingly works a little better. A third type of genius is the person who looks at something, plays with it, transforms it and creates an entirely new offshoot from it. The fourth level of genius is the person who is thinking and out of nowhere, seemingly, pops up a brand new idea that never existed before. Different levels of genius.

These don’t just come out of nowhere. Even the type that is brand new, never existed in any form previously. Your knowledge, your skills, your understanding, who you are and what you’ve learned over your lifetime, have been the bedrock to launch from, even if it seems like something brand new.

You make it happen. It is up to you. So use your different levels of genius to do great things. These will give you what you want. The Science of You calls for a fresh perspective, a path of least resistance. A new, unique perspective on where you are going. There is a way you can do a lot more with less energy. The Science of You will help you get there.

(to be continued…)

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