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It’s Here, Right Now

Guess what… It’s time….

The bell has rung, and the session begun. You are in the race whether you like it or not. The race is the “Dash Through Life”. Isn’t it a trip?

Don’t be overly concerned about how long it will take, or if it seems to be going too fast or too slow. That’s just stuff.

If you get overly preoccupied with what others are thinking of you, or how hard it is, you are just undermining yourself. Sure, some people are able to more easily gain mastery at some things than are others. Oh, well…. That doesn’t mean stop, it just means dig in and do it anyway.

If you want to be a superb musician, do you think practice may help? If you want to improve your golf swing, would having a pro give you coaching be of assistance do you think? Hmmm—just maybe? Get out there and find a model of excellence, and start to apply what’s known to work.

Do you need to apply this model in your own unique way? Certainly, and when you do, there will be corrections over and over as you refine your skills. Just get up and move it. You have to start somewhere—and guess what—where you are right now is the perfect starting place.

Could you blow it, get embarrassed, have your effort not work—sure. But sitting and worrying about it will never help you—ever!!! Action, with course corrections, is the path to personal effectiveness and success.

Albert Einstein said, “Everything is first a dream, before it can ever become a reality.” Use the power of your creative subconscious and conscious minds to create your reality. Make what you want come alive within, so you are passionate and proactive enough to take those first steps.

Worry is a dream destroyer. Action is a dream fulfiller.

Yep—there may be tough times. So, get on with it! Let them come, but just keep your vision clear, and put one foot in front of the other. Though there will be problems, you have the seeds of greatness in you. Be tenacious. Stick in there and bring them to life.

Launch yourself into action on the things you desire. No one can stop you except you—so get out of your own way. Start now—today—to take those small steps that can turn your dreams into your reality.

Best of Success, Dr. Larry