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How To Get From Where You Are Today
To Your Desired Results Of Tomorrow

From: Larry Iverson, PhD
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  • Do you want to have a better lifestyle and financial freedom?
  • Could your level of energy or health stand improvement?
  • Would you like to have more free time to do things you want to do?
  • What would it be worth to you to have more fun, and warm fulfilling relationships?

Through applying the strategies in
Achieving Your Dreams, you can have
all this and much, much more - rapidly.

Do You Like Everything About Your Life Today?

Every one of us is responsible for our lives. Whatever is going on in your life right now that you don’t want there -- you need to take charge of. You direct the movie. You pick your path. If what you have is not what you want, then change it -- beginning right NOW! If you’re not getting the results you want, then do something else.

Talk To The Right Person

Instead of taking action—the vast majority of people sit around and complain about their troubles. Remember the old saying your mom used to tell you, “Misery loves company.” She was absolutely right. When someone is whining to another person, they’re really talking about their problem or condition to the WRONG person. Resolving the problem begins by changing how we are thinking instead of what we are thinking.

Get A Grip On Your Brain

To achieve your dreams, begin with changing your self-talk and focusing on what you want -- NOT on what you don’t want. This is a key distinction between people who have the successful lives they want and ones who don’t. You’ve got to keep your mind oriented to and thinking about what you want (and I’ll say it again) NOT focused on what you don’t want. Your mind will give you whatever you focus on the majority or the time whether that’s good or bad. Keep your vision and your life focused on, and moving in, the direction you want.

  • Make change faster and easier than ever before.
  • Get a handle on your run away self-talk.
  • Boost your ability to be resilient when adversity strikes.
  • Put up a bullet proof shield that protects you from negativity.
  • Learn how to magnetize yourself for attracting what you want.
  • Know how to rapidly build the core beliefs central to all success.

The Formula For Success

You can have -- become -- and do -- what ever you desire. You just need to follow the Formula for Success. The Formula in it’s earliest form was described in writings of Alexander the Great. During this audio program you’ll learn how to apply this to your own life. There is no mystery, just a straight forward model you will learn for achieving what you want.

If this Formula enabled Alexander III of Macedonia to be one of the most effective generals of all time -- just maybe it will work for the rest of us too. All you have to do is know how to apply it, and then take consistent action.

Are there things you desire to improve in your life—relationships, health, happiness, money? Does your stress ever rob you of energy? Do you ever feel like you're stuck in a negative whirlpool, and just can't get out? Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed? Right now you can begin to learn how to break free! Psychologist and author, Dr. Larry Iverson has worked with over a million people in the last 30 years helping them create better lives for themselves. Apply these principles and begin to take control of your life today!

  • Learn to use the "Three Dimensions of Thought" to better control negativity
  • Get a handle on the #1 aspect of thinking that creates emotional overwhelm
  • Learn the secret that can rapidly lower your stress and boost your energy
  • Know how to expand your comfort zone to attract what you want
  • Use "mental filters" to generate your desired emotional state
  • Learn how to use goals, and why most goal methods don't work

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