The Science Of Change Management | Dr. Larry Iverson

The Science Of Change Management
The 7 Phases Of Change &
Breaking Through Resistance To Change

From: Larry Iverson, PhD
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Have you ever felt overwhelmed and had a hard time breaking free from it? What if there was a proven technique you could use that calms you in 2 to 5 minutes—would you want to learn it? Would knowing 6 ways to increase resilience when unexpected change occurs be of help? Psychologist and author, Dr. Larry Iverson has worked with over a million people in the last 30 years helping them create better lives through proactively managing and driving change. Apply the strategies in 7 Powerful Strategies for Managing the Rapids of Change and gain better control beginning today!

The Science Of Change Management | Dr. Larry Iverson
  • Learn 4 common practices used by people who are over 100 years old for managing change
  • Learn 6 tactics that instantly increase your resilience to managing change or hardship
  • Understand the 7 phases all change goes through, and how to better deal with them
  • Learn why overwhelm happens, and how to overcome it easier and faster
  • Know the #1 strategy for not just surviving change, but how to thrive during change

"The Science Of Change Management"
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