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Examples of Affiliate Resources
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Thanks for being a part of The IAD Affiliate Program! Here you'll find resources to help you begin and you can refer to them frequently as you market IAD Products.

If you haven't visited our Frequently Asked Question section, we highly recommend it. It is full of useful information and tips to get your affiliate marketing program up and running! Click Here to view the complete list of questions.

How to begin
Simply signup for an affiliate account. Everything you need is located in the member's area, including a very helpful user's manual that tells you how to use each and every piece of the tools we've provided for you.

Banner Ads
There are a variety of different banner ads you will be able to use on your websites and in your HTML emails. These come in several sizes, including: 120×600, 125×125, and 468×60.

Google AdWords Ads
A variety of different text-only ads have been provided for you to use with your AdWords (or similar) account.

Email Templates
There will soon be a large number of different email templates for you to use, and well as suggestions on how best to distribute them.

Featured Articles
Larry has written a number of "Featured Spotlite" style articles for you to use in your ezines, newsletters, forums or blog sites. Each one is pre-formatted and ready to use "off the shelf."

Ezine ads
Many people publish ezines (electronic magazines). We have provided several styles and sizes of ads for you to insert into your ezines to help promote our product(s). A tracking URL code is provided so that you will be able to see at a glance how many times people have used the embeded links.

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