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About the I.A.D.

Creating The Life You Want
The Institute for Advanced Development

Since 1979, The Institute for Advanced Development has been conducting seminars and making personal development tapes for professional and college level athletes, corporate executives and their personnel, universities and government agencies.

The Institutes’ broad scope of work ranges from enhancing the mental performance of world-class athletes, to assisting clients with their mental and emotional health, increasing motivation, overcoming psychosomatic illnesses, improving sports performance, to producing a highly rated television program “Strategies for Success”, which ran for 2 years.

This training firm teaches the fields of Customer Service, Verbal and Nonverbal Communication Effectiveness, Team-Building, Sales and Marketing, Leadership, and Personal Performance Excellence. The organizational expertise results from front-line involvement in retail, wholesale, and service businesses. This knowledge and ability to train others to use critical skill sets, attracts a wide range of audiences and company’s to their organization.

The Institute was founded by Dr. Larry Iverson who is constantly in demand as a keynote speaker, trainer and personal development coach.. His work blends his background as a Cognitive and Behavioral Psychologist, with proven personal power principles and practices, and the advanced research of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

All tapes and CD’s are fast-action, and information filled. We all learn best by seeing, hearing and doing. Dr. Iverson will help you master your life.  You will learn why and how the processes work. You will then learn what to do so you can effectively use the strategies for yourself.

The leading-edge knowledge,  received from Dr. Iverson’s tape program  is invaluable. His goal is to help you thrive in today’s competitive environment and take control over your mind, health and success.  This tape program is designed so that you not only learn what to do and why–you also know how to do it.