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Client Testimonials

“Larry’s program is very effective, practical and easy to use. I’d highly recommend this to anyone who wants to make a positive change in their life.”

— Robert Kenevan MD, Plastic Surgeon

“Dr. Larry, in the 30 days after my 5 sales people began applying these strategies, our sales jumped $168,000!”

— James Thompson, Las Vegas, NV

“The custom recording of the private sessions you did for me and others I’ve referred to you for personal change work, have in every case created stunning results! When I learned that you taped your “Winning All The Time” keynote (which I’d previously heard you do) I immediately bought it. It was better than I recalled. I bought 250 of them, and gave to my employees, customers and executives I associate with. Everybody loves it. What a priceless, life changing gift!”

— Conrad McFarland, Division Manager for Aerospace

“The first time I worked with Dr. Iverson, my goal was to enhance my ability to compete with the best in the world in road racing. At the time, I was training for the upcoming Tokyo Women’s marathon. One of the races I would participate in as preparation for Tokyo was the El Paso 15km race.

Daily I mentally practiced using the strategies Larry taught me. Then, I’d do them in my workouts. I would experience myself running the race in El Paso and exploding past world class runners I knew would be there. There was one competitor I was concerned about because she was so tough.

Race day came, and the real race played out EXACTLY the way I had mentally programmed it! It was like living a re-run of a video I had watched every day.

There came a time toward the end of the race when she and I were neck and neck. She was not going to give in. I used my subconscious trigger strategies Dr. Iverson taught me. They instantly boosted my energy, and I just pulled away from her to win the race!

I learned to unleash the power of my mind, creating world-class performance. I still use these powerful strategies. As Larry said, “The human brain doesn’t clearly distinguish the difference between what has really happened, and what you imagine happening. So, begin to create the reality you want right now!

As I have proved, that is absolutely true. I’m grateful I’ve learned how use your powerful strategies Larry! Thank You!”

— Regina Joyce-Bonney, Professional Runner
Collegiate Record Holder, World Championships & Olympic Marathon