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Keynote Speaking

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All keynotes will be custom tailored to the needs of
your people and aligned with the theme of your meeting.

Humor in the Workplace
– How to lighten up your work environment
and increase both productivity and humor.

Influence–The Savvy Application of Persuasion
– Gain strategies that can immediately make
you more persuasive in all areas of your life.

Cease Fire! Diffusing Conflict and
Improving Communication in the Workplace

– Conflict is inevitable. Know how to manage
it better than you ever dreamed possible.

Reducing Pressure and Avoiding
Burnout, or How to Thrive from 9 to 5

– Stress and pressure are dysfunctional coping
mechanisms–learn more effective ways.

Exceptional Customer Service
means Going Beyond just Excellence

– Learn what the most effective customer
servers do, and how you can apply it.

The Sure Cure for the Common Cold Call
– Learn tactics that have helped
thousands improve prospecting effectiveness.

Leadership 101—God Grant Me
Wisdom and I Want It Right Now!

– Model the actions and attitudes of greatest
leaders that give you an edge.

Team Effectiveness—Moving Teams
from Their Seats to Their Feet

– Get your people to collaborate, innovate,
change and produce with consistency.

Crucial Management Strategies– Lessons
Learned in the Process of Herding Cats

– Know how to steer your organizational ship
without having to be heavy-handed.

Time Mastery—Managing Time, Handling Prioritization and Getting Organized
– Would you like to add another hour to your day?
Learn how with this program.

For over twenty years Dr. Larry Iverson has educated and entertained audiences. From his work with universities, athletes, government and corporations, to the main platform of Fortune 500 conferences, he delivers motivation, persuasion and communication strategies you can apply right now. Larry blends vision with his background as a Clinical Psychologist in guiding listeners on an insightful journey. While the audience develops personal insights that assist professional development, Larry masterfully uses enthusiasm and humor to rock his audience with laughter.

Each program he does is custom-tailored to fit the specific requirements of your group. Larry doesn’t deliver “one size fits all” generic speeches. He takes the time to learn about who you are and what content will be most beneficial to your people. Because of his certainty that he can design and deliver a program that makes a major difference for you, he offers you a no nonsense guarantee that is simple and straight-forward, like good business should be. Larry’s guarantee is: If you aren’t satisfied that the keynote training delivered brings high value to your people, the program is free. No haggling, no hassles.

Time is valuable. You want your people to not just be entertained, but to gain skills they can readily implement when back at work. If they haven’t learned something that helps them build an edge–you have wasted your money and your people’s time. Dr. Iverson’s keynote trainings are a blend of an entertaining and motivational speech, with thought-provoking and insightful training content. Bringing one of these exceptional programs to your people will make a profound impact, with long-lasting positive effect.

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 From his work with universities, athletes, government and corporations, to the main platform of Fortune 500